Homeward Bound


IT’S THURSDAY!! Thursdays are Fridays for me, so I am thrilled to be at the end of the week. Is Thursday really Friday for anyone else? It’s fantastic! I’m even more excited than usual because I get to go home tonight!

 After classes today, Muffin and I are packing up her Civic and taking a romantic drive back to the ‘Nati. Our drives back consist of hours of talking about men in our lives (well, man in my life, maybe men in Muffin’s life), singing or rapping to some fine jams and eating Arby’s curly fries (me) and cheddar melts (Muffin). This will be the first time since starting the play that Muffin and I will have true, quality time together. I’ve missed her!

I’m returning home for an internship interview, which I’m trying not to be nervous about, but it’s tough! I’m not sure what to expect, as I’ve never dealt with this sort of interview before. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m fairly decent at talking to just about anyone (thanks to working as a server at Olive Garden for a year). This thought keeps me confident.

On top of that latent nervousness is sheer happiness. I get to see my brother, dad and mom! I also get to see the loves of my life:

Sheba!! Sorry about the red eyes

Sheba!! Sorry about the red eyes

Look at that face! Oh my gosh I want to eat her. Sheba is the sweetest, goofiest dog in the world. We have no idea what kind of mix she is, as we saved her from a pet store where she was kept in a cage that was too small. She didn’t know how to walk when we first brought her home. That was heartbreaking to watch.

Sheba and Broskie: she just wants to be loved

Sheba and Broskie: she just wants to be loved

And then there is rat-dog, Cia. She is 13 years old and has been a huge bitch ever since we had her “fixed,” or whatever the proper term is for a female. I think she’s getting kinder in her senior years, though.

prissy princess pup

prissy princess pup-again, sorry for the glowing eyes

Cia is a basenji, an African dog that doesn’t bark, but occasionally yodels. Hysterical. I knew Cia and I would be close the moment she pooped on my hand when we first picked her up from the breeder.

You don’t care to see my dogs? Well, I love them and want the world to know how precious they are.

Here’s something that isn’t precious: staying up until 2:30 a.m. to write a review that’s due at 9 a.m. Yes, kidlets, that’s what I was doing last night. I don’t have pictures, but I definitely SnackFaced my way through it. One of the snacks was several servings of Kashi Vive. This cereal is delicious and has various mouth-pleasing textures. With 12 grams of fiber per serving, however, I do not advise eating more than one serving at a time. Trust me on this one.

Guess who paid me a visit last night, thus causing me to stay up later than necessary? THE ROOMIE’S CRAZY EX. My roomie wasn’t even home. He came to apologize to me and tell me–with tears in his eyes– that he loves her and wants nothing more than to have her back in his life. We had a long discussion that I won’t hash over, but in the end, my anger subsided and I thanked him for coming to talk to me. I’d also like to clarify that they’ve had issues for the past two and a half YEARS. It’s exhausting and I’m not even directly effected.

Enough with the ex-boyfriend escapades. Today I got up at 8, turned in my review and ellipticalized at the gym for a bit. Because I feel guilty for lack of food photos, I will leave you with a trio of oat porn:

Tropicoats: banana, pineapple, oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, Dark Chocolate Dreams- the p.b. that works best with pineapple

Tropicoats: banana, pineapple, oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, Dark Chocolate Dreams- the p.b. that works best with pineapple

I am eating this right now, and loving every single bite.

getting closer to the love

getting closer to the love

Okay, just burnt my tongue on a piece of pineapple. I recommend adding pineapple after a minute of micro’ing so as to avoid its tendency to heat faster than the other components.

melty banana, candied pineapple, toasty oats coated in a delicate blanket of spices

melty banana, candied pineapple, toasty oats coated in a delicate blanket of spices

Thank you all for the congratulations on the award! Within the next few months I hope to figure out how to make SnackFace prettier, more organized and overall more enjoyable. Have a fabulous Thursday!!! I’ll be back much later to recap the day (maybe even share a pic of the curly fries, if I get them)! Love you all!

Ciao for now,



14 Responses to “Homeward Bound”

  1. Love your dogs!!!

    Happy Thursday, girl!!!

    Could you email me when you have a chance?? I want to know if you’ll be on my side of town over break.

  2. Pineapple + Dark Chocolate Dreams?! I’ve got to get some more of that PB so I can try this out for myself! Amazing!

  3. loved seeing the pics of your pups! they are so sweet. gah i am such a doggie lovahhhh

  4. thursday is definitely not friday for me … but it used to be. such a nice feeling!

    good luck at the interview tomorrow. i’m sure you’ll be the star of the show once again :-).

    and yum … pineapple and banana oats — that would be good for helping me pretend i am basking on a tropical beach instead of shivering in a cement jungle …

  5. Last semester Thursday was my Friday and I was totes lovin’ it!

    I personally think you should drive a few hours north, come to D-town, and play in Whole Foods with me!! It’s okay – I understand the need to, you know, get an internship or something. Plus I won’t be in D-town this weekend so no feelings hurt 😉

    We saved one of our dogs from a pet store too – truly heartbreaking! His legs are all funky because his cage was too small too 😦

    Have a safe trip, mamacita! I don’t want anything to happen to my SnackFace 😀

  6. Have a wonderful trip home! I love road trips with friends!!

    Ohhh that oat porn, so beautiful 🙂

  7. sooo jeal that thursday is your friday! i am a second semester senior and i have NEVER had that luxury… damn spanish minor and your friday classes!

    love love love the pups, we just rescued one at school too! its so rewarding, isnt it?

    hope you have a safe trip home, and good luck on the interview! why am i not surprised that youre a skilled conversationalist? =)

    oh and on a final note: pineapple in oatmeal? brilliant! xoxox

  8. HAHA Thursdays = weekends are definitely a standard for some of us!! Good luck on the interview and just wait. I HAVE A RAT DOG. Literally, our dog Sunny, is a rat terrier! I will post a pic of her soon! I love dogs!

  9. 9 cleanveggiex3

    im sure you aced the interview!
    wow – 2:30 – thats insane!! but i agree – that kashi vive cereal sure does have staying power!

    love the oats 🙂 have a fabulous evening

  10. well arent those pups just PICK O DA LITTERS.

    the boyfriend?
    what a wonderful species.
    so precious. he deserves a big wet one when you lay those love eyes on him.

    as for your food porn.
    i enjoyed it thoroughly even though the pineapple scalded yo tongue.

    enjoy dat NATI

    i really dont know why im speaking like im ghetto.
    im not
    .. oh well

    ❤ PEACE .. LOVE.. hookahh?

  11. pineapple and dark chocolate dreams seems like a great pairing…thanks for the inspiration, girl! i’m thinking dried pineapple chunks dipped in the good stuff. but first, i have to restock my DCD pb jar-age. yay for groceries on sunday 😀

    love the puppy pics…it’s making me miss my pup!

    HAVE a safe and enjoyable trip/time home!

  12. thanks for the warning on the kashi vive….that is A LOT of fiber!

    GREAT bowl of oats!! candied pineapple?!! yum!!!!

  13. thanks for the oat porn 🙂 made my night! that was nice that your roomies bf apologized but i’d still be weary of him at the same time– maybe its just me!? have a great time with muffin– good luck on the interview– girl I KNOW YOU’LL ROCK THAT! and i love snackface– hope you dont change too much 🙂 xoxox muahh

  14. Your dogs are yummy! I want to cuddle ’em up, seriously.

    Oh the ex-boyfriend drama. Don’t miss that about the college days. You are so sweet to listen to the sniveling.

    Enjoy the curly fries…Jamocha shake much?

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