No Mo’ Drama


Hey pretty people! I have had a bizarro day. It’s been a lot of drama and emotions about last night that are being sorted out. It’s torture to watch someone you love give the same jackass guy a millionth chance. Also, MisterMan didn’t get a job he was hoping for, but I know there are going to be many more opportunities that are FAR better! Wasn’t meant to be, that’s all!

Life is moving right along though, and I was thrilled to bits when I saw that the lovely, beautiful, effervescent and ever-evolving Lyss  bestowed this glorious honor upon me:kreativ-blogger1

Whaaaat!!?? Thank you my dear! I am so grateful she even thought of me for this, seeing that I’ve only been blogging for 25 days (isn’t that crazy?!)!  This seriously brightened my day! Even though the poo is flying in these neck of the woods, I feel great! I would love to pass this on to everyone, but I will limit myself to four people (even numbers, people). AND if you’ve already been given this, I’m sorry. I can’t help myself.
Erin– this girl cracks me up with every post and every comment.
Jaime-has felt like a friend ever since my first few posts.
Carolinebee-won me over with that b-nut squash tutorial.
K– was separated from me at birth.

I received the good news of the award while eating lunch. The breakfast cookie and pineapple held me over surprisingly well! I had a few grapes between grapes, but saved the rest to eat with this:

flat-out with sabra's original, butter pickles, lettuce, mustard; red pepper with Pace salsa; unpictured grapes

flat-out with sabra's original, butter pickles, lettuce, mustard; red pepper with Pace salsa; unpictured grapes

I cannot get enough of the butter pickle-hummus combo. After lunch I got to hoppin’ on some homework, and after a couple hours I was ready for an elegant snack:

pear with Laughing Cow, dates with Smucker's natural p.b.

pear with Laughing Cow, dates with Smucker's natural p.b.

I’d like 100 more of the dates with p.b., please. Not long after that, it was time for phase one of dinner:

other half of last night's b-nut!

other half of last night's b-nut!

Sorry to rush this post, but I must jet off to class now! Muffin and I are presenting a project about J. Hoberman (film critic), and we finished the project weeks ago, thus, I completely forget everything now!

Have a great night and I’ll see ya’ll later!

Ciao for now,



14 Responses to “No Mo’ Drama”

  1. Fabulous Award darling!

    Mmm and love the fries of course.

    Enjoy your evening =)

  2. Congrats on the award and thank you for awarding me! You are a doll, my deary!! We were separated at birth – something is up with that 😉

    Your lunch – 100% divine! BNUT FRIES!!!

    I feel ya on the frustrations! One of my friends had a boyfriend who was SO completely wrong for her (treated her horribly) and I just had to sit there and watch. Booo! Mr. Man will get an amazing job I have no doubts in my mind 🙂

  3. 3 cleanveggiex3

    KAILEY :]
    (im really going to enjoy this now!)

    your comment was incredibly sweet!! Im adding a blog roll this weekend and yours will obviously be on there! How cool is it that we have the same name and spell it exact same way. I’ve only known two other “kailey” but they spelled it kaylee. booo

    delicious eats! congrats on the award too 🙂
    butternut squash friends look fabulous!

  4. congratulations!!!!!!!!!

    good luck presenting!!

  5. Thanks so muuuch BOO! You are too sweet and I will have to post my award 😀 Sorry about the poo situation- what a drago, but GL to u and muffin!

  6. LOL. talk about poo flying around!! The ampitheater gives me the chillsss!! Where do you buy your laughing cow from? Walmart?

    • 7 snackface

      martiniwindow- why yes, I did get the laughing cow at Wal-Mart. I swear, you have to switch over. Kashi products are only $3 there, Sabra’s is one $3 and everything else is uber-affordable! I still have to make special trips to the Krog sometimes, though- for killer bars and stuff.

  7. yayyy you deserve it, even though you’ve only been blogging for 25 days! i love reading everything you have to say!

    oh and i didnt get to respond to your other post but i was horrified about what went down, and im really sorry you had to hear all of that. i had to go through a very similar thing with my roommate freshman year, and it was a terrible experience. i really wanted to help her, but respected the fact that she had to come to terms with her boyfriend’s awful behavior, and did not try to push her or convince her to stop dating him. i ended up kind of just gently telling her that he should not be treating her like that, that she deserved a man who would respect her, and so on and so forth, and she eventually got it and broke up with him herself — it was a long, tough process though. good luck, let me know if i can help!

    hope the presentation went well! xoxo

  8. sorry about your night girl! 😦 but upward and onward righht!?! 🙂 thank you so much for the award!!! you are so sweet 🙂 and i’ve thought of you as a friend since day 1 too! heheh 🙂 ok i think i may need to try your pickle n hummus combo– i LOVE pickles!! you are so darn clever ladybug! have a great night!!!!

  9. pickles are BOMB.
    literally i love them.

    BIKRAM was hot.
    i liked it.
    i was a sweaty mess. mmmm tell me THAT won’t attract me a boyfriend!

    for instance i don’t even know how to get the award on mmy page.
    that could just be stupidity though 🙂

    bahhhhhh what are you doing today..i came down with a severe case of senioritis. get me outta this hell hole :X
    my bad.

    <333 love ya

  10. congrats on the award! soooo well deserved 🙂 love your blog girly

  11. congrats on your first award! I’m sure there will be many more to come…

  12. I’m loving the mound of ketchup!
    Congrats on your award too! You totally deserve it!

  13. wow, your phase 1 dinner is so electric! i love it. and congrats on the award!

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