Let’s Roast


Good evening lovely people! How was your Tuesday? I’m feeling much lighter, as I got a huge English midterm out of the way. I haven’t been able to post because I’ve been occupied with this:

pear amidst the mayhem

pear amidst the mayhem

I spent all of last night memorizing lists of characters, novels and critical essay terms (homogenization of the Third World Woman, anyone?) that all related to women and transnationalism. It was a blast. Last night’s eats were lackluster. I had many pretzels with hummus:

that Sabra looks beautiful

that Sabra looks beautiful

At one point I decided vegetables would be good. I roasted some brussel sprouts and zucchini and placed it atop romaine:

roasted brussels completely changed my opinion of them- they just don't like to be steamed

roasted brussels completely changed my opinion of them- they just don't like to be steamed

 Throughout the evening I had many mugs of this delicious cereal:

cinnamon-sugar chex are mixed with regular corn chex- fan-freakin-tastic

cinnamon-sugar chex are mixed with regular corn chex- fan-freakin-tastic

I didn’t look at the nutritionals when I selected this, but while I was eating I read the back of the box:

Whole Grain Goodness, you say?

Whole Grain Goodness, you say?

My favorite portion of that paragraph says, “Whole Grain [why are they capitalizing grain?] provides plant nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals & fiber that work together to keep you healthy. With an irresistible flavor and hearty crunch, Cinnamon Chex is a great way to get more grain into your diet!” After reading that I was curious to see the fiber content. You know what it is? ZERO. There are zero grams of fiber. Dear Chex, you should probably rewrite the back of your box so as not to FOOL people into thinking they may be getting fiber with their delicious Cinnamon Chex.

I will still finish and highly enjoy this box though.

This morning was filled with a trip to the gym, showering, studying some more and spilling powdered foundation on my backpack. I managed to make some liquidy oats, too:

oats, pumpkin, SF syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, Smucker's all natural p.b. and a lil' Dark Chocolate Dreams

oats, pumpkin, SF syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, Smucker's all natural p.b. and a lil' Dark Chocolate Dreams

I study-walked my way to class and ROCKED my English midterm. My hand’s still a tad cramped from all the writing, but I am amazed at how much information I had retained. I had some grapes between that and VICO, and when I came home at 5ish, I got to work.

When you were in high school, did the stoner boys refer to smoking pot as “roasting”? They’s always say, “let’s roast after school,” or some inane garbage like that. I said that phrase to myself as I prepared tonight’s utterly divine dinner. So, let’s roast:

Am I hip now?

Am I hip now?

Finally jumping on the butternut squash bandwagon, I cut up these babies with some brussels, threw ’em in the oven for a total of 25 minutes at 450*F, plated them with ketchup and hummus (for the brussels), and gave them a taste. Hm, how do I put this? Where the hell have these been? Why have I not purchased a b-nut sooner? And the hummus+ brussels combo? That will be a regular now as well.

And to make things even better, I cut up my all-time favorite fruit. I would eat a whole one if it didn’t kill my tongue (actually, I’ve done that before, and yes, killed my tongue):

art deco pineapple

art deco pineapple

And now I’m eating those fiberriffic Chex squares. Tonight I have to write a paper and then who knows. Mini Mardi Gras celebration? Be able to comment on everyone’s blogs?

I hope you’re enjoying your week so far! I send my love 🙂

Ciao for now,



9 Responses to “Let’s Roast”

  1. That’s why I don’t buy Sabra’s Hummus…it’s too pretty to dig in to! haha

    I love to sear brussels in a skillet until golden, they are really good that way too and OMG, I must try that hummus+brussels combo!

    LAME-O Chex!!! Even though it sounds totally delicious.

    Pineapple totally kicks the crap out of my tongue, I can only eat a few pieces and even then my tongue gets a little sore.

    Good Luck with the paper girly!

  2. GORRRRGEOUS hummus.

    Good luck with the paper, girl!!

  3. Ooo, congrats on rocking that mid-term, good luck with the paper!

  4. Girlfraaaan you have been MISSING OUT on the bnut craze!! So glad you liked them 🙂 How did you cook the brussels?! I haven’t had them – EVER!

    Ugh don’t you just love big name companies and their lies about their products?! Ah well, the cereal still sound 100% tasty with or without fiber 🙂

    Glad you killed your midterm! Good luck with your paper!!

  5. good luck with the studying girl! lol i never buy into the “hype” of those mainstream companies with their “whole grain/all natural” BS! but i do enjoy some every now and again 🙂 i DEF have to try bnut squash fries!! thanks for the baking explanation! i ALMOST had brussel sprouts tonight too– i LOVE them! have a great night xo

  6. 6 gina (fitnessista)

    so glad your midterm is outta the way!
    the sabra’s hummus is BEAUTIFUL!
    have a wonderful night ❤

  7. oooooh my god this post has me drooling and its 11:25 at night – i would totally dig into some brussels now if i could! i need to buy them asap, and it’s definitely been far too long since i had some bnut in my life too!

    hell yeeeeah for rocking your midterm, you’re so smart! thanks for feeling me on the A- vs. A thing, i’m working on not caring but its nice to know im not alone in my nerdiness, haha! thanks for EVERY sweet comment you leave me, you’re just wonderful!

    please go out and live it up for mardi gras for me while i finish up my paper, k?? haha have a great night kailey!! xoxo

  8. I love Sabra’s hummus!! It is truly a gorgeous thing 😉

    Your comment on my blog was so sweet! I love readin’ about your roasting sesh 🙂 You are totally in with the in crowd from high school, now!

    Good luck with that paper – I hope you got in your mini Mardi Gras celebration, too!

  9. You are killing me with the Chex, Sabra hummus, roasted brussells and bnut fries. These are a few of my favorite things… (I’m singing, use your imagination).

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