Applause-worthy Weekend


HELLO!!! I’ve missed you all! BUT…I have been having a fabulous weekend! Most of my time has been spent with this project:

The play in which I've been acting all weekend!

The play in which I've been acting all weekend!

Friday night’s show went well, as I mentioned before. I thought I was nervous for that performance, but no no. I was shaking Saturday night. Mama J, MisterMan and Muffin were all at the performance and I did not want to mess up in front of them. This is odd, because of anyone, they’d be the least likely to judge my poor performance.

Saturday’s performance was going well…until I completely blanked out on a line. Serious brain fart. I could not come up with anything. Luckily, our characters are both very awkward people, so the odd silence and mumbles weren’t too painful. My scene partner swooped in to save me, and we only skipped four-ish lines. The crowd (a full house!) still laughed throughout, so I ended up feeling good about it.

Come Sunday afternoon’s show, everyone was relaxed/tired. Perhaps the lack of nerves helped; this was by far the best run of our act- we nailed it! I’m sad I won’t be able to see these people everyday, but that’s how shows go. Everyone bonds and laughs, but afterward, each cast member goes off in his or her own direction.

Other than the show, there was a lot more going on. Saturday morning I awoke early in order to meet with a partner for a group project. I had faaabulous oats before heading out:

1/2C oats, pumpkin, vanilla extract, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, splash soymilk, Mighty Maple spoon

1/2C oats, pumpkin, vanilla extract, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, splash soymilk, Mighty Maple spoon

 They were not overnight, but they were creamy and delicious. About 20 minutes before I was ready to leave the house, I received a text message from my partner, informing me that she did not “feel well.” Huh. We pushed the meeting to Sunday at 5p.m. Oh well, it gave me more time to read blogs, shower and prep for Mama J!

I was elated to see Mama J! We haven’t seen eachother for 4 or 5 weeks, which seems like months to us. We went uptown, got coffee and giant locally-made peanut butter cookies and then walked around the town. I’m instantly happier around Mama J– we are almost the same person. We have the exact same hugely loud laugh, too.

For dinner, we went to MisterMan’s apartment. He made boeuf bourgignon and selected a lovely red to accompany it. I don’t have pictures, but I was impressed. I made sure to try a couple bites of the beef–for his sake. I mean, he cooks! Isn’t that crazy amazing? Dinner was enjoyed by all, and then mumsy dropped me off at the theater.

After the show we went to a bar, Broney’s. My most favorite people were all there:



Bursting with happiness, obviously.

Me, Muffin, MamaJ- pure love

Me, Muffin, MamaJ- pure love

And then…

MamaJ talking, Mr.Man being a goof, me posing

MamaJ talking, Mr.Man being a goof, me posing

Soon after this photo was taken, MisterMan called me a “media whore.” He could be right. When the clock struck midnight, mumsy and I were both yawning and ready for bed. We headed back to my abode and ate pretzel rods with hummus while watching TOOL ACADEMY! Have you ever seen this show? It’s so bad it’s addicting.

We awoke early and headed to the breakfast mecca known as Bob Evan’s. Or Bob’s Heaven, as MamaJ so often refers to it as. Now, I realize some people may think Bob’s is less than desirable. You all are wrong. Just sayin’. I go balls out when I’m there. The evidence:

Fit from the Farm, half one: turkey sausage, fake eggs

Fit from the Farm, half one: turkey sausage, fake eggs

Oh yea, that looks decently healthy, right? Just wait.

part two: crepe filled with banana and bluebs, yogurt, BISCUITS!!!

part two: crepe filled with banana and bluebs, yogurt, BISCUITS!!!

Oh god, I can’t say enough about my love of biscuits. I moan and smile when I eat them—I’m not kidding. Ask anyone sitting within five tables of ours. I enjoyed majority of the food pictured, save one biscuit (mmm saving some love for later in the week).

MamaJ treated me to this week’s groceries, then we dashed off to the theater for my last performance. We finished strong, and I couldn’t have asked for a better cast or a better ending. 🙂 After the show I met with my project partner, ate an Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Clif Bar (holy shhh… that was good!). Eventually, I came home and reintroduced myself to vegetables:

romaine, celery, apple, corn, edamame

romaine, celery, apple, corn, edamame

Accompanied by something you’ve never seen before:

missed my babies

missed my babies

Now that one huge project is over, I must move onto my next, which is applying for magazine internships. Most deadlines are March 1, so I have a lot to do this week. I also have an English midterm on Tuesday, but those are the only stressors for the week. Best news is that I’ll be going home Thursday night to see MamaJ, Matty Rich and Popsicle! And the puppers!!

I hope everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their weekends! I’ll be trying to catch up with everyone’s lives tonight and tomorrow- I feel out of the loop! Love all-a-ya’ll!

Ciao for now,



11 Responses to “Applause-worthy Weekend”

  1. So fun!!

    Hell yes for the SWEET POTATOES!! 😀

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! And you are so freakin gooorrrggg it’s just insane, with a gorgeous heart to match it. The theatre world could USE more actors like you 😉 XOXO

  3. congrats on an awesome weekend!! glad all went well! 🙂

  4. I hope the play went well – sounds like it did! I LOVE BRONEY’S maybe i will see you there one of these weekends! I definitely will be making one of your salads these days!

  5. What a fabulous weekend full of yummy eats and some seriously photogenic people!! You and your mom are so cute – glad you got some quality time!! Good luck with your applications, chicky!!

  6. yayy! sounds like oyu had a great weekend 🙂 love the pics of mum, muffin and misterman! so proud of you girl– you are amazing! 🙂 loooove the eats– biscuits look amazing! and i’m so happy you got to enjoy a sweet tater– what a true love of mine! xoxoxo

  7. Good job on the performances!!! It sounds like so much fun.

    I really really really need to find that Mighty Maple PB =(

    Girl, you have totally inspired me to be a snackface. You are GLOWING, I’ve never seen such gorgeous skin, except airbrushed in ads that is.

    And of course I’ve got to holla at my sweet p’s!!!

  8. kaileyyy, sounds like such an awesome weekend! i love the pics with mom and misterman (you look gorgeous!), and the BISCUITS, oh dear lord they look delish! wishing you lots of luck this upcoming week, i feel ya with the busyness! love you girl!

  9. There are far too many pretty people in this post 😉

    I love your weekend and your mama! So glad you had such a blast!

  10. heeeyyya woman!

    thanks for that sweet sweet and lovely comment you left me.
    i truly appreciated it you bundle of love you.

    looks like a FANTABULOUS weekend indeed!
    is that a boyfriend i seee??
    totally wrong?

    bob EVANS ❤ my dad’s absolute favorite place hahah
    we go when we’re in virginia because by living in gay new jersey i’m limited to that deliciousness

    the biscuits are BOMB.
    love your weak..attempt to keep it healthy hahah

    ❤ have a beautiful monday woman

  11. mmm crepes and biscuits. what a combo!

    glad the show went so well … and sounds like you had a lovely visit with mama!!

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