Opening night! Tonight! Gah!


Morning beautifuls! The nervousness is already slowly creeping over my mind and body. Tonight our show opens. Tonight, I have to get things right. Perhaps I wouldn’t be as nervous if it weren’t for the fact that I was the one messing up in practice last night. All I can do now is go over and over and over the script.

Enough of that nonsense. I loved the feedback on the gum wrapper! I’m going to go more in depth on this on Monday or Tuesday, but there was definitely a time in my life when I relied on gum to deal with hunger. Never, ever good. I abhor messages like that one.

Yesterday for breakfast Itried my hand at overnight oats again, but with the proper serving size of 1/2C. I don’t think I used enough water because they were almost too dry and gummy this time. However, they still delighted my taste buds: 

It kinda looks like popcorn

It kinda looks like popcorn

This bowl: 1/2 rolled oats, 3/4 C water, splash soy before micro-ing, almond extract (money), cinnamon, nutmeg, banana, topped with the necessary Mighty Maple. Like I said, a little gummy, but still yummy.

As I had posited earlier yesterday, sitting through class having not finished a required novel is no fun. I love to participate, especially when it comes to literature, so this was near torture. I nodded and made faces that made it look as though I was contemplating one’s opinion or an aspect of the book. In actuality, I was just hoping the professor never called on me. She didn’t.

VICO was a snooze, but we did look at super ugly, horrible websites as examples of functionality and colors working/not working. Fascinating. Then I hopped over to the library to eat “linner” and read blogs:

La Tortilla Factory wrap with Laughing Cow, Sabra's original hummus, spinach, mustard

La Tortilla Factory wrap with Laughing Cow, Sabra's original hummus, spinach, mustard

The wrap is clearly the foil figure in the next photo:

wrap; apple pie Lara Bar; orange; pumpkin mixed with FF plain yogurt, cinnamon, nutmeg, SF syrup

wrap; apple pie Lara Bar; orange; pumpkin mixed with FF plain yogurt, cinnamon, nutmeg, SF syrup

I had the Lara Bar between classes, and the rest after classes and before rehearsal. I used to love the Apple Pie Lara, and it’s still good, but not as good as Coconut Cream Pie or Peanut Butter Cookie. I have yet to try Cashew Cookie, which I hear is, like, the best of the best. But as I said earlier, I ate this in the library. I used to despise eating in front of strangers by myself, but now I couldn’t give two hoots. How do you feel about eating alone in public? In a quiet library? I’m pretty sure the chick next to me was eyeballing the pumpkin. She doesn’t recognize the beauty of it yet, I understand.

Oh, sidenote: I drank an entire pot of coffee with my morning oatmeal. Why this is a bad idea: I got jittery to the point of feeling tipsy (ok, kinda fun), it lasted four hours and it KILLED my stomach. Pains so bad that I went to CVS for Tums, and I don’t like having to resort to those.

Anyway, that packed “linner” was good, but I still felt hungry after it. I didn’t have anything else, so I ate some more Tums. Only six total for the day, though. After practice-which I f*ed up- MisterMan picked me up for our lovely night in. I have no picture, but I had a well-balanced dinner of BBQ Baked Lays, cookies and red wine. I’m fine with that.

I will be nervous all day today. Until after I perform, my thoughts will be consumed with, “you really can’t mess this up, Kailey. Come on, you’ve got the script, just remember it all–and in the correct order.” After Women’s Chorale and a work-out, that script and I will be inseperable.

This weekend really will be awesome though because MAMA J is coming to town!!! I haven’t seen my mom for four weeks now, which is far too long. Muffin and I are totally taking her to the bars Saturday night. It’s going to be brilliant. I may be a bit absent this weekend because I have a lot going on here, but I will definitely be back by Sunday night with recaps of a sure-to-be crazy weekend! MUCH LOVE!!! Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

Ciao for now,



16 Responses to “Opening night! Tonight! Gah!”

  1. Definitely try the Cashew Cookie Larabar!! My #1 favorite flavor (since PB Cookie is now tainted and not sold in stores).

    Ahh, hang in there with the nervousness!! BEST OF LUCK TONIGHT!!!!!!!!

  2. You’re going to be spectacular and mesmerizing on stage. Here’ what helps me with the nerves: You are playing another, not yourself. You are not vulnerable as yourself. So what would your character do in that situation. When I stick to my char’s objective, espec with trying to get my lines down, it never fails me. And it eases my nerves about myself. You are going to be amazing, I am SO happy and excited for you!!

    Eating Alone/In Public: I prefer to eat alone, but NEVER in public. It’s a shame bc ppl in my cast always want to go out after rehears (ends at 9) for food/whatever, and well, I don’t, esp being that they are not ppl i’m closest with. Those in the cast I am closest with are always allowed to leave when their shit is done. (I’m in Pygmalion, and am Eliza, so I’m there the whole time which is wonderful, but you know— It’s so awk when I really don’t want to go out and am EXHAUSTED after being in class all day and then rehearsal. And eating in front of ppl = EW. I hope I can get over this someday.)

  3. 3 Sweet and Fit

    eating in public can sometimes cause me some anxiety – but sometimes I force myself to do it just so that I’m not too anti-social or introverted… good luck tonight!

  4. try the GO RAW Banana Flax Bar… It’s DIVINE!!!!

  5. When I first saw the picture of your oats I thought it was popcorn and had to take a second look. Break a leg tonight!

  6. good luck tonight-girl you’ll do fab!
    And you def need to try the cashew cookie flava, the best hands down.
    And i used to feel awk eating alone in public but now i really could care less. Good foos = great company 🙂

  7. 7 Ryane

    Break a leg tonight!
    If you haven’t tried it – the Cinnamon Roll Larabar is effing delish. They taste exactly like those old school pecan twistie cake-things… I don’t remember their exact title obviously but that’s them…. albeit healthier of course.

    I love that you plan on taking your mom out to the college bars next weekend – so much fun!

  8. Girl – If I could I would come to your play, sit front row center, and cheer you on the entire time! You’ll be faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous, dahling!

    Public eating: I feel a little self conscious only because the foods I eat are definitely NOT popular in the Midwest (as you know). Larabars?! Hummus?! Wha?! But I don’t care because it’s delish and they’re missing out!

  9. good luck tonight, youre going to be amazing!!!!! yayy i cant wait to her how it goes! you are a doll 🙂 have a great time with mama j!!!!!

  10. “I’m pretty sure the chick next to me was eyeballing the pumpkin. She doesn’t recognize the beauty of it yet, I understand.”- I totally had a giggle fit after reading this, it’s so true though!!!

    Good luck tonight, I’m sure you will do amazing!

  11. BREAK A LEG, lover!!! im sure you’ll be FANTASTIC tonight, if only i could give you a big bouquet of roses right afterward!

    and hellooo, amazing eats to get you ready for your big night! i haven’t tried peanut butter or cashew cookie yet but i’ll be on the lookout! as for eating in front of people, i still get nervous sometimes because i feel like i’m ALWAYS eating opposed to my roommates who just have a bunch of BIG meals, but i just remind myself that i obviously know how to eat well, and i have NO reason to feel bad or apologize for listening to my bod! good for you for eating whenever you want to, who cares what others think?!

    thanks, again, for your supportive and amazing comments — i always look forward to hearing from you! you’re awesome, i hope you know that!!! =)


  12. Break a leg, you are going to OWN the stage!

  13. Break a leg!

  14. hey girl! you are going to do awesome i know it 🙂 there was def a time i chewed gum to deal with hunger too– i still chew too much but i also eat enough now– trying to break the habit! lol i have no shame in eating in front of ppl. i eat lunch in one of my classes and make tons of noise– it’s pretty funny 🙂 hehe. hope you have a GREAT night tonight girl! i’ll be thinkin of u oxox

  15. 15 cleanveggiex3

    good luck tonight!!
    your going to do great 🙂

    love the larabar!

    i’ve missed this upbeat attitude of yours that radiates through my computer screen and hits me like a bag o blocks.
    your pumpkin spree.. lets just say, i don’t hate it.
    that homo that was secretly judging you in the library wanted to be you.. okay enough being mean erin.
    your oats do kinda look like popcorn which reminds me to go eat some.
    thanks ya doll.

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