“All this ice got me feelin’ like a polar bear”


Walking to turn in my review then go to the gym was insane this morning! It was blizzarding and nearly blowing me over! There isn’t ice outside, but I had to use that Weezy F Baby quote as the title before it’s too late.

Anyway, hey party people! How is everyone? Happy it’s Thursday? Yeah, me too! Last night was another late one; I went to bed at 2:30 a.m. and awoke at 8. Miraculously, my spirit isn’t crushed yet. However, the lack of sleep is taking a toll on my body in a number of ways. First off, I’m getting some major headaches. Secondly, my appetite has been whackadoodle. Like, all over the place. I’m just letting it do it’s thang because I know next week I won’t be staying up all hours of the night. Allow me to take you through a tour of the rest of yesterday’s eats…

After writing a paper, I needed some tension relief so I consumed this:

RICE apple- only $.88/lb!

RICE apple- only $.88/lb!

Oh, hey Google Reader, my addiction (one of the many, rather)! After that I needed to read Unaccustomed Earth. I’m a little scared about class today because…I didn’t finish it! I will finish it, but I just didn’t have the time! I’ve been trying for weeks. I had this unattractive but scrumptious appetizer/dinner part one:

pumpkin, protein powder, micro'd for 90 seconds- gets kinda dry and chewy. Sounds gross? Oh, I like it.

pumpkin, protein powder, micro'd for 90 seconds- gets kinda dry and chewy. Sounds gross? Oh, I like it.

Wal-Mart only had the giant cans of Libby’s, thus the abundance of pumpkin lately. A few minutes later, I made dinner part two:

YUM mix: sauteed 1/2 zucchini, crumbled Boca patty, Barilla Tomato and Basil marinara (still trying to finish the same jar!)

YUM mix: sauteed 1/2 zucchini, crumbled Boca patty, Barilla Tomato and Basil marinara (still trying to finish the same jar!)

Gosh, I’m really treating you with all these beautiful food pictures, aren’t I? I apologize. Anyway, I sauteed the zucchini with oil and water, micro’d the patty, threw it in the pan, threw in some italian bread crumbs, then threw in the sauce and let it all hang out. You could easily make the whole thing in the micro, too. This was delicious! I couldn’t stop with just that. Roomie baked today. I’m not sure what kind these are, but all I know is they have brown sugar and butter in them. Yes, please:

buttery, brown-sugary, cakey soft goodness

buttery, brown-sugary, cakey soft goodness

Hmmm, whose blog is that in the background? I was pleased after that cookie. I was fully fueled for sitting for two hours in the theater to see What the Butler Saw. This show was hilarious! BUT, I was not prepared for the nudity and bash-you-over-the-head sexuality. The set was chock full of nude sculptures (I’m talkin’ tots and testes). I blushed a little bit.

I came home hungry, per usual, and ready to write the review. I didn’t photograph the SnackFace attack, but I can tell you it involved a lot of the Nature’s Path Does Raisin Bran with soymilk. Oh, and the Kashi TLC Toasted Asiago crackers have disappeared. That’s funny…

Today I have to sit through English class and try to pretend I finished the novel. I’ll tap into my “acting” skillz to pull off some essence of knowledge. Then I have VICO, a trip to CVS, a packed dinner and rehearsal 6-9 tonight. I’m going to relax a bit afterward with some wine and MisterMan. Beyond ready for it. But tomorrow…is OPENING NIGHT!!! WHAaat!? I’ll be back tomorrow to share all my jitters.

Everyone have a thrilling Thursday! As always, thank you everyone for reading and supporting me through my insanity! MUCH LOVE.

Ciao for now,


OH WAIT!! I ran into something unpleasant yesterday as I was opening a fresh pack of Extra peppermint gum. I’d like to know your thoughts about this message:

Nah, this didn't sit well with SnackFace

Nah, this didn't sit well with SnackFace


13 Responses to ““All this ice got me feelin’ like a polar bear””

  1. Sooooo much snow here!!! Blah.

    HAHA!! Love the last photo – I vote for more snacking too 😀

    Have a fabulous Thursday!! Good luck!!

  2. I love BOTH parts of your dinner!

  3. If I pay you, will you come type in all the blogs I read into my Google reader? Just thought I’d ask.

    I once had a jerk boyfriend who paid me to program all of his numbers into his phone. He wrote me a check for $500. I ripped it up and did it anyway. Damn, I wish I had that check now.

    I’m going to go eat gum for breakfast now. EXTRA wants me to.

    • 4 snackface

      I’m in desperate need of money- of course I would type all the blogs you read into Google reader! Don’t even tempt me.

  4. 5 Marissa

    I love Google Reader too! 🙂

  5. i hate that comment on that gum! wtf? now gum/candy makers want us to stop snacking!???! haha love your eats girl– i just love your attitude towards “snacking” seriously you are super inspiring to me as i’m trying to overcome this disordered eating bs! 🙂 yay for opening night– you will be amazing and i can’t wait to hear all about it! muahh

  6. My google reader is stressing me may-jah right now! TOO MANY POSTS!! It’s okay – I love it 😉

    Your dinner part two sounds pretty tasty! Oh and so does the cookie!!

  7. Dinner is just plain amazing and I think the pictures are droolworthy! =)

  8. I’m with you on the nasty gum message. When I had eating “issues” in high school I would chew gum constantly instead of eating, gross! You have the right idea promoting snackage!

  9. NICE! Thanks for the “shout out” haha! Too funny.

    Yummy eats!

  10. YAY opening night! so close, kailey, you’re going to be amaaaaazing! i wish i could see it!

    umm i love that you mix veggies, veggie burgers and tomato sauce for dinner — it’s one of my favorite combos! my roommates think it’s gross but i don’t care! i love that you do it too!

    yeah that gum message isn’t working for me either. no wonder so many people think it’s WRONG to snack! that’s how feelings of GUILT are induced, and i am trying to get rid of that nonsense forever! thanks for pointing it out, though!

    have a great night, girlfriend! xoxo

  11. SO THAT’S THE SECRET TO SUCCESS IN LIFE!! Extra Gum! Too bad I’m a STRIDE girl… Wussup.

    And Opening Night!! Mine isn’t until April 23, but regardless, Opening Night is the most INCREDIBLE bundle of love, light, and energy ever!! I’m so excited for you… And we BETTER see some video / photog action!!!

    Thank you for always leaving me the most amazing comments! Love you (-PS- Facebook me lovah: Julia Wise) ❤

    • 13 snackface

      JULZ- I just looked you up on Fbook, and I only got a Julia Wiseman–that can’t be right, can it?

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