Glued to My Hand


Good afternoon/evening! I have been walking around campus all day with my script glued to my hand, Kath style, trying to get this script straight! People must think I’m a loon because I’m mouthing the lines and emoting what the character is going through. What is wrong with that girl? Is she talking to herself? She looks pissed! Whatever, I’m gettin’ this stuff down no matter what!

I woke up this morning completely out of it. Four hours of sleep does that to a person, I guess. Not wanting to bore you with the same oats again, I puttered around and made this:

what is that chunky baby-food-lookin' stuff in dere?

what is that chunky baby-food-lookin' stuff in dere?

 I had a scoop or so left of pumpkin, so I stirred it with soy milk. I then added half a sliced super ripe banana and a serving of Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch (is that not the longest title for a cereal?). After letting this sit for a few minutes during its photo shoot, the pumpkin, banana and soy milk had melded beautifully and created this thick, creamy yet still runny texture (oh, that actually does sound like baby food). The cereal was delicious too and held its crunch.

suprisingly delightful

suprisingly delightful

After breakfast I headed off to Intro to Art, script in hand of course. During class I didn’t pay attention at all. It was just a group presentation and I was busy working on a monologue (I write them over and over to get every word down). Women’s chorale was…well, women’s chorale. I just wanted to get on with my day. I had this en route to the gym:

other half of breakfast banana with Dark Chocolate Dreams

other half of breakfast banana with Dark Chocolate Dreams

My workout was great! I find that during insanely busy and stressful weeks that my workouts are imperative. It is a satsfying and healthy way to relieve all the stress and anxieties. While walking home from the gym my stomach was making unhappy noises, so I quickly put this together:

La Tortilla Factory wrap with Sabra's garlic hummus, spinach and Pace salsa; sliced apple

La Tortilla Factory wrap with Sabra's garlic hummus, spinach and Pace salsa; sliced apple

 Salsa squirted out of the end of this. It was a delicious mess. I have no idea how to wrap the tortillas properly so that I don’t end up wearing the contents. Jaime’s always look so good and perfect, advice? When I was finished with this, all I really wanted was salsa. Here is why I’m not one of the best food bloggers:

MisterMan, thanks for the recommendation

MisterMan, thanks for the recommendation

See, I get lazy and don’t want to dish out a serving or chop anything. I also never know how much I’m going to want, so I figure eating straight out of the jar is fine.

In my last post I mentioned a cereal that is making me an incredibly cheery woman:

aka the healthy cinnamon toast crunch

aka the healthy cinnamon toast crunch

Cascade Farms Organic Kids Cinnamon Crunch. A-frickin-mazing. Like I’ve said, it tastes exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, just minus the over-the-top sugar. It’s also whole grain, 110 cals per cup (yes, I will be eating several cups at a time!) and three grams of fiber. Just go buy it, please. Lunch dessert was a few handfuls of those beautiful toasted cinnamon squares.

I still have so much to do it’s frightening. Not really, I’ve eliminated sleep for the week, which frees up a lot of time. I’m about to get ready for play practice and then I’ll be coming back home for a long night of studying and reading. Oh, and I may have mentioned earlier that I was going to post pics of my groceries, but I’ve run out of time (I’m sorry!! Next week’s though!). I’m thinking I may have to keep myself well caffeinated.

I hope the day has been treating you well and you all have wonderful nights!

Ciao for now,



9 Responses to “Glued to My Hand”

  1. 1 livelaughlyss

    deep breaths! you sound over-whelmed, but i have faith in you and the fact that it will all get done and completed in time 🙂

    and that lunch wrap looks incredibleeeee. i’ve only been lucky enough to find those wraps ONCE around here, so here’s to hoping i’ll find them again soon. they’re the best!!

  2. Ooo I need to try that cereal! Cinnamon Toast Crunch is my FAVORITE but I don’t eat it anymore because it has partially hydrogenated oil. I assume Cascadian Farms doesn’t? Another comparable cereal to CTC is Total Cinnamon Crunch…yum!

  3. i can never wrap my tortillas perfectly either and i get pissed so i stick to sandwiches with bread instead.
    good luck with everything and be sure to at least squeeze in some sleep any way you can!

  4. haha, you’ve got to practice any way you can, right?! anyone giving you weird looks clearly doesn’t know the first thing about multi-tasking 😉

    good luck … and don’t beat yourself up if you succomb to sleep at some point. your body might override your plan!

  5. Cereal companies just love to make their products 80 words long! Love your baby food 😉

    I’m glad there’s another bloggie who loves her salsa like I do – although lately it’s been replaced with hummus! Good luck with all the script studying!!

  6. I want to go to whole foods just to buy that cereal.

    Love the breakfast. Red Berry Crunch is amazing but I haven’t tried the Pumpkin Raisin.

  7. hahahah i love the celery in the salsa jar pic – i could eat salsa on cardboard and enjoy it, i swear.

    i’m going to need to try that cinnamon toast crunch-esque cereal! it sounds faaaab.

    good luck with everything tonight, i’m thinking of you! =)

  8. i totally have to try that cereal! sounds delicious!

  9. 9 foodsthatfit

    I’m loving the celery in the salsa container! I do stuff like that all the time, like with carrots and a container of Sabra hummus! Glad I’m not the only one!

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