Solemn Sunday


Heya’ll. I never say ya’ll in real life, but my blog life may be full of ’em. Anyway, how is your Sunday going? Relaxing? Busy? Productive?  Mine has been and is going to be a mix of all of that…and a touch solemn, merely because I’m not socializing.

I woke up before 9a.m. today, and started catching up on everyone’s lives! I loved reading about everyone’s Valentine’s day, whether it was spent with a man or with your best friends or with yourself. I personally never put much importance into the day, as I feel that love should be celebrated all the time. I can say, though, that this was my first Valentine’s Day spent with a man. Last year, I had just been dumped and was completely alone. All my friends were on dinner dates with their boyfriends, too. I sat in my dorm room, eating Amy’s soup and Kashi crackers. It still wasn’t all that bad though. Isn’t it amazing where a year can take you?

While I was visiting all your lives, I breakfasted on oats. I’m in a rut:

old fash. oats, water, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, protein powder, SF syrup, Mighty Maple, Dark Chocolate Dreams

old fash. oats, water, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, protein powder, SF syrup, Mighty Maple, Dark Chocolate Dreams

See that black thing to the right? That’s the sleeping mask that must be worn because of my see-through curtains. I also sleep with earplugs. Do you use either of those? I love my ear plugs. They muffle everything. Here is a pic of my oats while using the “food” setting on my camera.

Notice much of a difference?

Notice much of a difference?

After that, I tried to create a schedule for next quarter. I’m thinking I’ll have six hours of class on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3 to 9p.m., and class on Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-1 p.m. That’s only if I get into those classes, however. I’ve spent the rest of the day trying to read Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri, but I haven’t gotten into it yet. I’m not fully hooked.

My roomie and I caught up for a while, and after she left for a group meeting, I made a little lunch. While making this lunch (which you’ve seen before, not exciting, sorry), I snacked on an appetizer of two unpictured dates. I’m in love with these nature-made candies!

laughing cow, sabra's garlic hummus, butter pickles, spinach, mustard; delicious D'Anjou pear

flat out wrap: laughing cow, sabra's garlic hummus, butter pickles, spinach, mustard; delicious D'Anjou pear

I’m now sipping on gingerbread tea and thinking about all the reading that must be done. The rest of the day’s agenda is as follows:
4-6 read
6-9 play rehearsal
9-10 Tempo Tantrums practice
10-? make study guide for Tuesday’s Visual Communication midterm, read novel, go over script

I’m going into this week with the mindset: you are barely going to sleep. It’s actually a comforting thought. It helps me feel like I’ll be able to finish everything. The week will be long and stressful because it’s the WEEK OF THE PLAY!! Our show, Autobahn, will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday. At this point, I feel nowhere near ready. I have to kick my butt into gear.

Speaking of which, I should stop procrastinating and get hoppin’ on reading this book!  LOVE YOU ALL and enjoy the rest of your Sundays!

Ciao for now,



8 Responses to “Solemn Sunday”

  1. yes, i use ear plugs, too! they changed my life :-). i’m considering investing in an eye mask next because I ALWAYS wake up with the sun!

    you can get through this next week!! you’ll be running on adrenaline right through the play, and then you can crash when it’s done, right? you’ll be awesome!

  2. You and I will be enduring the same thing this week – I’m here for ya!! We’ll make it through!!

  3. i’ve never slept with ear plugs or a face mask– i think this might make me feel “clausterphobic” is this weird? hahaha great eats — i love your oat combo even though you feel you are in a “rut” hehe! have a great day lady! try to relax before yoru busy week! xo

  4. I’ve always wanted a sleeping mask but can never find a good one. I think I would get too clausterphobic though…I can’t stand not hearing things, even when I’m supposed to be sleeping.

    Besides the higher amount of chocolate…I didn’t really notice it was Valentine’s, what a lame holiday.

    Freaking Amazing oatmeal! That’s a good rut to be stuck in =)

  5. 5 K

    I SHOULD sleep with ear plugs – I hear everything!! That wrap is amaze!

    Good luck with your upcoming week, you can doooo it 😉

  6. ok so i’m catching up on your week of debauchery ;D LOOOVE you! hah..I definitely made myself dinner (AND dessert) last night and was in bed by 9 pm..holla, it wasn’t bad at all! Like you said, I don’t needa mayne..(even though you have one :D) I COMPLETELY agree with Stacy’s LIES- I demolished a bag on Friday night! And I looove your bag tag, haha honestly if I see another 350358 dollar bag I don’t think i can handle it. GL reading i have to do that too gr!

  7. 7 cleanveggiex3

    delicious looking wrap :]

  8. wow you ARE really busy! hope everything goes well, i’m sure you’ll make it through – only 7 days to go! love that you’re into theater, i am obsessed with it myself but sadly i don’t have the acting/singing/dancing chops to do it myself, haha!

    oh and an oatmeal rut? thats a good one to be stuck in! me too!


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