Let Loose


HELLO lovelies!!!! I’ve MISSED you! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent for a while! It’s been a lil busy here with parties, practices and date night! I hope everyone has had an incredible Valentine’s Day. Actually, let’s forget that, I just hope you’re loving your weekends  no matter the holiday.

Friday night was a definite blast. We celebrated Jacq’s 21st birthday OU-style by creating a concoction of these dangerous ingredients:

Oh yeah, be scared
Oh yeah, be scared

The goal was to make a dark purple punch to reflect the Friday the 13th vibe, thus the Joose (which is actually being taken off the market). Muffin mixed together the nasty potent punch:

Happy party girl
Happy party girl

 Muffin was hard at work all night trying to balance two men. It was beyond amusing. It was also very complicated, so I’ll save you from the details. While we were prepping for the party, I munched on:

homemade granola with walnuts, almonds, oats and dried cherries

homemade granola with walnuts, almonds, oats and dried cherries

The party was a blast. Although, for the first half hour or so I just sat on the couch, deleting old photos of food from my camera, haha. Eventually, I got my groove on. It’s a rarity for me not to dance in these settings:
Glorious. Bliss.

Glorious. Bliss.

It wasn’t long after that dance session when the birthday girl’s closest friends brought out their cupcakes for Jacq. They were chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, crumbled Oreos and half Milano cookies stuck in to resemble tombstones (Friday 13th theme again). Creative, no?
Happy Birthday Jacqueline

they somehow spell out: Happy Birthday Jacqueline

Do you think I could resist a delicacy like that? Helll naws.
Mmm nostril shot

Mmm nostril shot

Shortly after the cupcake, I decided I’d had enough hipster music and rambunctious partyers. I was almost as tired as my feet were from wearing leopard print four-inch-heels. MisterMan and I stopped by a bar for a half an hour after we left the party for some quality time and giving each other googly eyes. He then took me home where I promptly changed into my sweats. He stuck around for a bit and after he left I SnackFaced on some unpictured Kashi Go Lean. I really can’t end the night without cereal.
Today was another long one, as for the play we had set construction and tv watching practice to accomplish. Before I headed out for the day (at 10:45, which is TOO early to leave the house on a Saturday), I read blogs and ate oats.
oats, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, protein powder, Mighty Maple, coffee

oats, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, protein powder, Mighty Maple, coffee

Confession time: before this bowl, I’d been using quick oats. I’d never thought that there was a difference between old fashioned and quick, so I figured faster was better. Wrong-O. The old fashioned are much chewier! I love this texture and will not be going back to quick oats.
another pic...just cuz

another pic...just cuz

Tonight MisterMan and I went to dinner, which I’ll review the restaurant in an upcoming post! After that we saw He’s Just Not That Into You. Frickin adorable. I highly enjoyed this and recommend it. The way all the story lines come together is remniscent of Love Actually.
Sorry I don’t have more food pictures–everything’s been very on-the-go bizarro meals. I have been fortunate enough to eat a few of these though:
Roomie's mom made them! yummm

Roomie's mom made them! yummm

Is it obvious I can’t refuse a baked good? I love to try all different types of cookies, but without fail, classic chocolate chip prevails.
I haven’t done ANY school work yet, so tomorrow is going to be funfunfun. Between 9am and 6pm I hope to finish a lot of it, but really, I can’t read a 300-page novel in a day.
Again, I’m so sorry I’ve been absent! THANK YOU all for reading and stickin’ with me through my odd week! It was definitely full of ups and downs, but I’m finally feeling recharged and ready to tackle the monster week I have ahead of me.
I hope everyone had a great Friday and Saturday, and continue to enjoy your Sunday! Much love!
Ciao for now,
P.S. 1: I hope I don’t look like a lush. I’m not, I swear. 2:I’m sorry you’re probably sick of seeing my face so many times in this post! Haha later loves!

10 Responses to “Let Loose”

  1. mmm oreos and milanos are my two fave cookies … i have a feeling those cupcakes and i would get along well. looks like you had a great weekend, and good luck on the hw today!

  2. HAHA!! What a blast!! Lovin’ those cupcakes too 😀

    Happy Sunday, dear Kaylie!!

  3. HAHA – everything looks like a blast!! I loved Love Actually so I really want to see He’s Just Not That Into You.

    Good luck with the homework today, girl!

  4. Aw 21st bdays are the BEST, tons of my friends are turning 21 lately and it’s always a fun time!! I loved He’s Just Not that Into You!! And not surprisingly, Love Actually is another of my fave movies 🙂

    Good luck with homework, I’ll be doing the same for a very long time!

    ps-I loved seeing your face so much! I think the fact that you added so much about your weekend (not just eats) gives the blog personality 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to go see that movie! Love Jennifer Aniston.

    You are so adorable girl, haha you make me smile.

    Have a great Sunday!

  6. yo party woman!
    i wanna be jussstt like you when i grow up.
    hahah but no, really.
    you’re too much. i love it

    the food looks fab
    as does your face in the nostril shot
    i just lovee it

  7. yo girrrrrrrl, i LOVE the pics – you look great! seems like you guys had an awesome time, i LOVE the friday the 13th themed party, absolutely amazing. i would totally kill it on the dance floor with you!

    YES to old-fashioned oats, that’s what i use too. i need some mighty maple in my life, i cant find it here!!!

    and yeah, i thought the SAME thing about HJNTIY and love actually! so cute.

    hope you had a great v-day with misterman! xoxox

  8. I love that first action shot picture of you all revving up to party. hahaa seems like you had an awesome start to the weekend! I loveee “love actually” but haven’t seen “he’s just not that into you”. I feel like i should now..

  9. love seeing that beautiful face of yours! hehehe no worries girl! glad you had a good time at your girls party! love the cupcakes! and your night with misterman sounds soo fun! he must be REALLY into you to see that movie on vday! most guys have such an aversion to chick flicks– looks like you have yourself a keeper 🙂 have a great day! xoxo

  10. milanos were a nice touch! sounds like a great night!! classic pics!

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