Shawty Buy You a Drank


G’morning lovely dovelies! It’s FRIDAY!! It’s the freakin’ weekend- finally!  Has it been a long week for you, too?

Yesterday was rough for me, up until our Tempo Tantrum’s gig at 7 p.m. Iwas in a serious funk and needed a mental health day, so I ended up not going to VICO either. Oh well, a break was much needed.  I went to our performance location at five, then we waited for an hour to do sound check, then we performed at seven.  It was a blast! The acoustics in the theater were less than spectacular, but we made it work.

As I was getting ready to leave the building to go to play rehearsal, I got a text from my director that said my scene partner had to leave practice. In other words, I got to put off making out for another day! Yesss. It had been such an emotional day, and at this point (8p.m.) I realized I hadn’t eaten since three (unpictured Sunshine, pear, date).

I don’t like to buy food uptown if I don’t have to, but I wasn’t going to walk back to my house because I had plans with Muffin at 9ish. I made a last-minute decision to go to Quizno’s. Isn’t it frustrating to be a vegetarian sometimes? All I wanted was a bountiful salad and every single salad had meat! And of course, you’re still charged for the meat when you don’t order it.  I had a Black and Bleu salad, without the Black (steak). Essentially it was: shredded romaine, three bites of tomato, few onions and 1/4C bleu cheese. The only saving grace of this salad was the “flatbread” that comes with it.

I didn’t really care what Iwas eating, I just needed something. Something to get me through a night out with Muffin! First we went to a bar called Red Brick, where we sipped Blue Moons and talked about Muffin’s sex life (okay, we are always really open about this stuff–I’ll try not to make you uncomfortable though!).  We were also offered pot by this group of boys sitting next to us. Uhmm,friendly, but no thanks! When we finished our drinks, we hopped over to Pawpurr’s for Ladies’ Night!!! You know what that means? Mixed drinks for $1.50!

vodka soda (mine), cookies, vodka pineapple (Muffin's)
vodka soda (mine), cookies, vodka pineapple (Muffin’s)

 I’ve never had vodka with soda water before, but ack! Nasty, I did not enjoy that. While at Pawpurr’s we met the owner of the bar, who decided to buy our next round. Won’t argue with that. Muffin and I went over my script at the bar, too. This amazingly was a conversation starter (random guy: “oh, you like acting?! So do I, I love acting!”–what a smoothie he was). After we danced a bit, we left and went to Broney’s. We started off looking like this:

Aww I love my mini Muffin!

Aww I love my mini Muffin!

Bacardi Limon and diet was significantly better than the vodka soda. We were at this bar only for a short while. There was this odd gentleman who tried to tell us we weren’t allowed to dance and that we also had to pay him $5 to sit next to him at the bar. Perhaps that’s his way of picking up chicks. It’s not workin’. Anyway, here is how things ended:

Dun't dat look dirrty?

Dun't dat look dirrty?

 Haha, kidding! Okay, things weren’t that bad, I swear–that was posed. (I hope no one’s offended by that pic). After this we went to Casa Nueva, to see our friend who was turning 21 on the stroke of midnight–Friday the 13th!!! Happy birthday Jacq!!!

Jacq and Muffin with celebratory dranks

Jacq and Muffin with celebratory dranks

What they’re drinking is called a Poinsettia: champagne, countreau and cranberry juice (I think). They are yummy! I called it quits soon after this. I walked my tired bum home, changed into my PJs and plopped onto the couch. SnackFacing on Kashi Go Lean and the last of the Honey Sunshine, I commented on blogs. Maybe not a good thing to do at the time, but I was just sharing my love 🙂 (By the way, I had the same issue with this Honey Sunshine as I did with Stacy’s chips—box says 11 servings, I only got five).

I hope everyone has enjoyed the sharing of my night on the town. I’ll share these sorts of nights all the time. I want to reiterate that this blog is also about my life and college, therefore it’s gon’ be crazy sometimes! Can you handle it? 🙂

Today is going to be easy breezy. I have women’s chorale 12-1, then I’m going to the gym and then who knows! I’ll try to do some work. Try. Tonight is Jacq’s huge birthday bash, so that will be another awesome night to recap!

I’ll be back later to share some grrrub and my uber-fashionable bag that I’ve been carrying! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Ciao for now,



8 Responses to “Shawty Buy You a Drank”

  1. Thank goodness today will be easier for ya – HELL YES!!! Enjoy your Friday the 13th, girrrrrrrl 😀

  2. Fun night!! Love me some bicardi limon 🙂

    Have a great day AND night!

  3. looks like a fun night! i miss college soooo much, love those crazy nights out! hope you have a wonderful weekend love!

  4. Sounds like a great bar-hoping night! Hope you have a great day 🙂

  5. What a fun night! The Poinsettia sounds really good.

  6. Sounds like so much fun!!!

    Enjoy your Friday hun!

  7. you look H-O-T-T in that pic girl! Love it 🙂

  8. Hello my gorgy friend!

    “Isn’t it frustrating to be a vegetarian sometimes?” UMMMM YES! Especially in “meat-and-potatoes-ville” Midwest! I went to a TGIFriday’s once (not my choice obvi) and I ordered a salad without the chicken on it. The waitress literally looked at me like I had 8 heads and went, “So, what DO you want then?!” I was like, “Um – lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, almonds, strawberry…” HELLO!?!

    Ya girl – Blue Moons = the shiz! Your night sounds like a blasty (may I recommend getting a malibu and pineapple next time? It’s 100% yums!). PS. I’m emailing you in 3..2..1!

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