Crunchy Lunch, Bags and Brows


Good afternoon! It is beautiful in Athens today, and even more beautiful because I’m not doin’ a whole lot! While I was partaking in my favorite morning activity, catching up on blogs, I ate breakfast:

pumpkin-yogurt-topped waffles, orange

pumpkin-yogurt-topped waffles, orange

Waffle topping: few tablespoons plain FF yogurt mixed with few scoops pumpkin, SF syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg. This was surprisingly delicious. It also lasted me four hours, so I was pleased. Peanut butter would have made it better too.  Oh, I of course put that atop burnt waffles (they are so much better that way!).

Eventually, I made it out of the house, stopped by BP for a Powerade Zero (grape flavor-tastes like Koolaid! oh childhood mem’ries) and went to women’s chorale. Boring. Anyway, I worked out after that and read Glamour while listening to Kanye. I was in heaven.  There was this quote in Glamour from Melody Barnes, director of the Domestic Policy Council. When asked was her motto is, she said:

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? When I’ve tried to live my life by those words, really exciting and wonderful things have happened.

Isn’t that extraordinary? What a great mindset!

When I finally got back home, I was ready for lunch. Last night’s debauchery made me decide I need to treat my body to some veggies:



In the mix: romaine, edamame, corn, mixed stir-fry veggies, cherry toms, BUTTER PICKLES, spag squash. I cringe when I say that I used Kraft Free Caesar Italian dressing. This stuff is poo, but I’m trying to finish the bottle. Alongside this crunch, I had amazingness:

Pacific Rose apple, Mighty Maple, Dark Chocolate Dreams

Pacific Rose apple, Mighty Maple, Dark Chocolate Dreams

Apple+Dark Chocolate Dreams= blissgasm. Do you see that post-it on my laptop? It’s a reminder to me to pluck my eyebrows. I glanced in the mirror right before I left, and was afraid of the hairy beast I’m turning into. In other news, the outrageously beautiful and glowing Jaime has tagged me in this bag game. The rules specifically state to show a picture of the bag you’re currently carrying, so here goes:

the gorgeous bing cherry red Jansport that I've had since...8th grade?

the gorgeous bing cherry red Jansport that I've had since...8th grade?

I carry this ALL the time. I’ve even taken it into bars. I wish I didn’t have to carry it everywhere, but I live almost a mile walk away from anywhere else on campus, and I need to keep many things in there. Other than books, I always have a water bottle, snacks/meals, umbrella, two lip glosses (ok, one is Carmex), period goods, hand lotion, glasses, sunglasses, pens & pencils, and gum. I think that’s it. I never even used a backpack in high school, but it’s seriously the only thing that’s practical at this point in life.

My other bags…well, I only own three. They’re all a bit pathetic. I guess I’m not a bag lady yet!

Well lovepies, that’s all for now. But you can bet your booty I’ll have a lot to share tomorrow! Uh, read this text my friend who’s a bartender just sent me: Hey asshole, come get f*cked up with me at work. Though that’s a charming invite, I think I’ll pass.

Ciao for now,



7 Responses to “Crunchy Lunch, Bags and Brows”

  1. Your breakfast looks so amazingly delicious..I think the lighting has something to do with it too, I love the sunshine that always comes in.

    VEGGIES! I love all the different colors.

    Gotta love that post-it! haha sometimes I get so busy I have to remind myself to do the simple things…not that I enjoy plucking-I hate it!

  2. Sooooo much deliciousness in this one post.

    Haha love the bag!! 😀

    HAPPY FRIDAY EVENING!! Good call passing up on the text offer 😉

  3. Burnt waffles are the besty!

    Oh my gosh, my eyebrows are a hot mess right now. Haha – I love that you carry your backpack into bars!

    Aw, what a charming gentleman 😉

  4. kailey! first of all… i LOVED reading about your night last night, seems like you had a great time! and you and your friend looked so lovely =)

    also, that is one GREAT bag. versatile, colorful, plenty of room…what more could you ask for?!

    and yeah, veggies are such a good way to detox – i did the same today! i havent tried dark chocolate dreams with an apple yet, but i highly recommend it on bananas!

    have a fantastic night love!

  5. oh shoot, i forgot i got bag-tagged, too!! i’ll have to remedy that tomorrow.
    yum .. what a delicious combo of pbs with your apple!

  6. hahah oh girl i just love your sense of humor! ok amazing idea with the yogurt n pumpkin and waffle combo! hiii your a genius! love the jansport bag– i used to rock that when i was a youngin too 🙂 have a great night xoxoxo

  7. wow, how do you make a simple waffle breakfast look so good? lol, I’m not a bag person either! I still carry my old high school backpack around…

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