“Pasta,” Pizza and a Prude


Good morning kidlets! How did everyone sleep? I managed to get a solid five hours of sleep. Originally, I hopped in bed before 2a.m., but couldn’t fall asleep ’till 3-ish. For some reason I was freezing! I had on full sweats, two pairs of socks and four covers (one of which is a duvet), but my feet were still popsicles!

Anyway, let’s move on from my complaining and get on to the good stuff! I had seriously delicious food last night. It started with some “pasta.”

spaghetti squash, Barilla basil and tomato marinara, edamame

spaghetti squash, Barilla basil and tomato marinara, edamame

I added the edamame for some protein powah, and it really helped to fill me up. The here was the numba one stunna of the night:

Flat-out pizza!!

Flat-out pizza!!

Oh my word was this gooood. It reminded me of the pizzas I had in Italy my senior year of highschool. It had the thin crust that was crispy on the edges, but soft on the inside. And the flavors of this melded beautifully!!
Kailey’s Flat-Out Pizza (haha like no one has ever done this before) from the bottom up:
-Flat-Out wrap
-white bean aioli
-Barilla basil and tomato marinara
-sliced cherry tomatoes
-sprinkle of part-skim mozzerella
-shredded date–the dates totally made this!!
Just go make one! I easily get excited about small things, obviously. Those dates really were the perfect occasional sweet bite.

Another pic- in case you didn't get the idea

Another pic- in case you didn't get the idea

A couple hours after moaning over this dinner, I headed off to a night of practices. En route I was hit with this bizarre hunger, so I had an unpictured Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pie bar (the delicious food continued-those are ridiculous!). A capella practice was fine.  I was having a hard time finding the starting pitch to one of our songs, which is frustrating. BUT THEN… I had play practice.

The directors saved work on our scene for last, so the rest of the cast would be out of the room. For those of you who may not know, I am to make out three times with my scene partner. Our directors said we could start off with just a peck. Well,well,well. When we got to the first kiss, I turned into a huge pruney prude! I could not do it! I have no idea why I was struggling so much with this– I’ve done stage kisses before! Working around this newfound prudishness, our directors said we should start off with an eskimo kiss (just rubbing noses together). Sounds odd, but it worked to help us get used to being closer. THEN we had to eskimo kiss for three seconds and peck at the end. Cringe. Eventually I was able to do that, but I have no idea when/if I’ll be comfortable with full-fledged neckin’. I need to suck it up.

After such a traumatic experience, I knew there was one thing that would make me feel better. Ice cream:

Edy's Slowly Churned Samoa ice cream, half banana, sprinkle coconut

Edy's Slowly Churned Samoa ice cream, half banana, sprinkle coconut

Mmmm banana and coconut go so well together! I didn’t really give this ice cream the best review in a previous post, but all it needed was some extra lovin’! And there was a chunk of half a samoa in there…didn’t hurt.

So all my lovely pants, I hope your humpdays are fantastic! On tap for moi:
10-12 Intro to Art
12-1    Women’s Chorale
1-6      Lunch, Blog (Mama J’s package has been moved to the next post), H-dub, eat again
6-9     Review and criticism
9-10  Tempo Tantrums practice
10-?   Read 100 pages of Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri, go over lines

Thank you again for reading and commenting!!! I send my love to all a’ ya’ll!

Ciao for now,



19 Responses to ““Pasta,” Pizza and a Prude”

  1. Hang in there with practice!!


  2. Yum, seriously, the flat-out pizza I made tasted like an authentic Italian pizza too! So good 🙂

    Woo so glad you made it through you first go at the kiss scene, I’m sure it will get better from here on out!

    Love humpday, have a great one!

  3. love the pizza and spaghetti squash!! how long do you cook the pizza for and what temp!? ive attempted it with my la tortilla factory wraps before but cant get the right amount of “crunch!” hehe no worries about the “necking” — itll all work out! delish ice cream combo! 🙂

    • 4 snackface

      Hola chiquita! I put it in the oven at 450* for about 12 minutes. I didn’t really time it, and just watched it when I was assembling the spag squash. Oh and you asked about the sapg squash yesterday–it’s super easy! After you microwave it, you just take a fork to it and start scraping. It comes out in these amazing strings all by itself!

  4. P.S. – Would you mind sending me an email when you get the chance?? I have a question 🙂 Thanks in advance!!

  5. EDAMAME! Love it!

    Ooo, I love how you put figs on the pizza…I need some more flatouts!

  6. 7 livelaughlyss

    i cannot make flat out pizzas in a dorm room and it’s so frustrating! hahaha, oh well. i have that to look forward to for my first trip home.

    and honnneyy, you are NOT prude for being shy during a kissing scene! i’m definitely not prude but would definitely feel uncomfortable making out with someone i wasn’t dating THREE times in front of an audience! you can do it though, i promise ❤

  7. 8 livelaughlyss

    oh and that spaghetti squash dish is making me drool.

  8. Love your pasta and pizza 🙂

    That just sounds uncomfortable – good luck with the make out sesh! Get it gurrrrl 😉

  9. Love the pizza it looks delicious!

  10. PS. lentil dip: lentils, rice, carrot, roasted onion, lemon juice, water, garlic, salt, and spice. Don’t ask what ‘spice’ means haha that’s just what it says. Basically mash all that together until creamy goodness is reached 😉

  11. Love your spaghetti squash – reminds me I need to buy some!

  12. samoa ice cream????????? omggggg that sounds amazing! and your pizza looks absolutely amazing girl! i need some of those flat out wraps they always look so great with the pizza toppings! hope youre having a great dayy 🙂

  13. 14 ashley lutz/muffin

    Your gmail keeps signing out, so I thought I’d talk to you on here

    I love those flat out pizzas! Although yours looks much better than mine. I was going to say you aren’t a prude by using the justification that it’s perfectly normal to want to avoid sucking face with a relative stranger in public. Then I remembered my typical weekend. Which begins TOMORROW

  14. 15 snackface

    Hahaha Muffin I love you! I’m dying right now. I’m SnackFace and you’re SuckFace.

  15. 16 Marissa

    Your pizza looks so yummy!


  16. slow-churned samoa ice cream???? how have i not seen this before??

    i would have such a hard time with that make-out acting, too! i’m sure you’ll be practicing so much in the coming weeks that it will be 2nd nature before you know it 🙂

  17. 18 Hannah

    I just found your blog and am already a HUGE fan! That pizza looks so good. I have made flat out pizzas before but they never looked that scrumptious……at what temp. and how long did you bake it for?

    • 19 snackface

      Hannah- Thanks so much for reading! I baked that a long time ago, but I usually just bake everything at 450* because I’m impatient. That took about 7-9 minutes in a gas stove, which makes a huge difference! I hope that helps!

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