Bizzay Wednesday


Afternoon lovelies! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the girls are wearing shorts and Uggs (blech- no offense, I just don’t understand!)…spring is in the air!  Or we’re all just getting our hopes up way too soon.

Because my mommy thinks cold weather is going to come a-knockin’ soon, she sent this package:

Glamour, Cinci Mag, two mama-made knit headbands

Glamour, Cinci Mag, two mama-made knit headbands

Is the first thing you notice “8 Really Good Sex Ideas”? Yeah, me too. Doesn’t Glamour know that there is one stronger word for “really good,” such as fantastic or mind-blowing? Anyway…I have been walking around all winter without a hat or earmuffs or anything, so Mama J got tired of my whining and generously made those headbands for me!

Speaking of Mama J, I had a thought during class yesterday when I girl next to me continued to play with her bull-dog nose ring throughout class. I don’t mind piercings at all, I say do whatever you want, but there’s something a little off-putting about one constantly touching her possibly snotty nose. Just sayin’. Do you have any piercings? If so, where? If not, why not? I don’t have any piercings, not even my ears. When I was a spritely young girl, let’s say eleven years of age, I aked Mama J if I could get my ears pierced. Mama J said, “Not unless you get your nipples pierced first.” This was her way of stopping my asking. Eventually, when I was old enough to get my ears pierced on my own, I no longer cared. It’s one less thing to spend money on.

Enough of that anecdote. Breakfast today was something a little different.

Pumpkin Pie Protein yogurt with banana and Kashi Go Lean

Pumpkin Pie Protein yogurt with banana and Kashi Go Lean

In dat dere bowl: equal parts plain ff yogurt and pumpkin, mixed with 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder, cinnamon and nutmeg; whole chopped banana; Kashi Go Lean.  Thick, creamy, crunchy yumness.

That held me over well until Women’s Chorale, where I fantasized about my lunch while singing “Ave Verum” and “Ride on King Jesus.” Don’t those sound like lovely songs? Haha. Here’s il pranzo (little Italian, anyone? I’m not that good- I just looked it up in my ParliamoItaliano! book):

favorite kind of lunch...variety!

favorite kind of lunch...variety!

On the plate: whole wheat Thomas’ English muffin, half with Dark Chocolate Dreams (I saved this half for last), half with Smart Balance Light and Smucker’s Simply Fruit black raspberry; celery, carrot and pickles with last of white bean aioli dip; D’Anjou pear. Not on the plate: baby molasses cookie I ate while waiting for tea to heat up.

The rest of the day has to be super busy. I have to do a reading and assignment for VICO, two readings for English, go to class 6-9, rehearse 9-10, memorize script some more and read 1/3 of a novel.  I think it’s going to be another stay-up-till 4a.m. kinda night! It’s going to be this crazy for the next two weeks, but after the play is finished, I’ll feel as free as a bird! This also means I’ll be blogging more regularly! Hope you’ll be able to stand me then 🙂

I probably won’t be able to comment on everyone’s blog until tomorrow, but I’ll be trying to stay updated on how everyone’s doing! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesdays!!!

Ciao for now,



9 Responses to “Bizzay Wednesday”

  1. I have my ears pierced – had them like that since preschool 🙂

    Love your lunch platter!!

    Good luck with the rest of your day, lovely Kailey!!

  2. I just read that glamour mag – loved it!

    Shorts/skirts + Uggs = el stupido BUT uggs with jeans is NECESSITY in frigid temperatures! I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 16 because I was too chicken but a year later I got a second hole so I have two in each ear.

    If you get Aunt Millie’s English muffins in OH you HAVE to try them – they are the bestest! Good luck with the rest of your day my dearest!!

  3. I have my ears pierced…since I was a tiny baby.

    Whoaaa, I need that breakfast.

  4. oh my goodness youre so ridiculously busy its making ME feel tired! good luck finishing up everything, im sure youll nail it all!

    the only piercings i have are in my ears! 2 holes on each side. i used to want my bellybutton done, but i was too much of a chicken to go through with it! im glad i didnt do it now, though!

    i LOVE the idea of english muffins with DCD – i must give that one a go soon too =)

    have a great night, love! xoxox

  5. ahhhhh crazy busy night. you can do it!!!

    i have ears and belly pierced … and, while i’m in confession mode, a cupcake tattooed on my hip! i’m so not a crazy piercings/tattoo girl either, but i think that’s why i like having these understated minor signs of rebellion in non-immediately-visible locations.

    i love pumpkin yogurt!

  6. i only had my first holes until my freshman year at school. then once i got at school i got my second holes, the middle of my cartilige, like not up at the top, but smack dab in the middle, and my belly button pierced! haha. my mom thought i went crazy and kept asking every time i came home if i got a tattoo. i ended up getting surgery though and had to take my belly ring out and it closed up 😦

  7. 7 snackface

    K- thanks for the recommendation! I’ll be on the lookout
    Sarah- Cupcake tat sounds adorable! I’d get a food tat of some sort too
    dailygoods- holey moley that sounds painful, smack dab in your cartiledge!

  8. whatup girlfrannnd

    shorts & uggs repulse me.. sorrrrry

    you go to ohio state??
    yes no? maybe so?
    i want to come see a big ass football game.

    my best friend wants to go to cincinattttiii!! its her numba one choice, hope she gets in there so i can go viisit.

    your breakfast looks slammin & your pizza from the other night looks mouth watering woman.
    have a fantabulous thursday girl

  9. yum i love messy yogurt & cereal breakfasts.
    I just have my ears pierced. i wanted to get my cartilage done too but im a wuss for unnecessary pain.

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