Lemme Show You What I’m Workin With


Please read the title in a Weezy/T.I. voice. Because that’s how it sounds in my head.

Lemme just say- WOW! I’m feelin like a stunna with all these new readers and commenters. I am incredibly grateful! With each comment I smile a little bit more. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Before I headed off to my exam I had an old favorite:

Kashi Go Lean, soy milk, half banana, coffee

Kashi Go Lean, soy milk, half banana, coffee

Thanks for all the well-wishes for my midterm! It must have been all the lovin’ vibes, because I thought it was really easy! There were only one or two questions of the 40 that I was a bit thrown. Glad I didn’t over-prepare? Haha. After my exam I chilled in the music library and read all your blogs for an hour. Ya’ll made me hungry so I snacked on half a naner with some Mighty Maple p.b.! I had women’s chorale till 1p.m., then headed to the gym for a session with Ashley, my girl. Just did 35min. on the elliptical followed by core work and my sad excuse for push-ups.

I didn’t get back to my house until 2:30 and I was experiencing serious hunger pains! I had been fantasizing about my lunch all the way home, with good reason.

Mighty Maple p.b. & chopped dates on whole wheat english muffin, sliced pacific rose apple
Mighty Maple p.b. & chopped dates on whole wheat english muffin, sliced pacific rose apple

Oh yeah, that’s right. I slapped that baby on the Foreman for a few so they had a chance to get to know eachother. It was delicious and satisfying, though it needs another component because it was a tad dry. The pacific rose apple had the flavor of a McIntosh, but the texture of a Pink Lady. So happy.

Then I farted around for a bit, read blogs, decided to shower. I didn’t have any meetings tonight so I just put my PJs on immediately. That, my friends, is luxury. While doing some mind-numbing reading about Impressionism I started to get hungry and tried to fix it with this:

unwashed large carrot, sabra's garlic hummus

unwashed large carrot, sabra's garlic hummus

I finished my Impressionism assignment and then got on to some more enjoyable activities. I thought I’d share my grocery purchases from yesterday. They aren’t too thrilling, but hey, it’s Wal-Mart. Lemme show you what I’m workin with:

The Dry(er) Goods

The Dry(er) Goods

Here we have:
-eggs (I really need to up my protein)
-Thomas’ 100% Whole Wheat English Muffins
-Wal-Mart Old Fashioned Toasted Oatmeal
-Wal-Mart fat free plain yogurt
-Organic dates
-Pickle chips
-Light Vanilla Silk
-Kashi Go Lean, Kashi Honey Sunshine– I am SO indecisive when it comes to cereal… I want it all!



-2 GIANT sweet taters (Thrilled about this- they’ve been tiny for weeks)
-3 D’Anjou pears
-2 oranges
-2 Pacific Rose apples (ate the unpictured one earlier)
-Cherry tomatoes
-Spaghetti squash
-Leafy romaine

This will last me through the week, and maybe a bit into next. I still will go shopping Sunday though.

After that photo shoot, Mamacita got to work. I’ve had a can of white beans fo ‘evuh so I made White Bean Aioli Dip from Veganomicon. I followed the recipe for the most part. I didn’t have lemon juice and I used four cloves of garlic instead of six ( didn’t want to torture anyone who has to speak to me).

White Bean Aoili- love it

White Bean Aioli- love it

Perhaps it’s because I could eat beans plain and be perfectly happy, but I am diggin this dip. It’s creamy and dense and will be perfect as a spread. I moved on to my next kitchen adventure: the spaghetti squash.

I’ve read that you can put it in the microwave whole for a couple minutes (with a few stabs in it to ventilate) to soften it up before cutting. I tried– it lasted for about 20 seconds. I was paranoid it was going to explode in my micro! I’m not sure why I have such fears. I just cut it in half, cut more slits in them, put them cut side down, covered them in saran wrap and put them back in the micro for eight minutes. When I was scraping the innards I kept saying to myself (yes, out loud, by myself): “Oh my goodness, this is amazing! How does it do that?” So I’m a little odd, I can live with that. I was fascinated though. Dinner looked like this:

spaghetti squash topped with Barilla Basil and Tomato sauce

spaghetti squash topped with Barilla Basil and Tomato sauce

Of course I was too lazy to make my own marinara! This was seriously scrumptious. I was in disbelief that something so easy to make could be so yummy. That’s good ol’ mutha nature for ya. This kept the squash company:

romaine, cherry toms, white bean aioli

romaine, cherry toms, white bean aioli

This dinner was scrumpsch. HOWEVER, it had no lasting power. Duh- my own fault. Protein, where you be? I fixed that with the following protein-rich foods:

Edy's Slowly Churned Samoa's ice cream

Edy's Slowly Churned Samoa's ice cream

The ice cream is tasty, but it’s in desperate need of more enormous Samoa chunks. Because the cookie lover in me was disappointed, I had a molasses cookie (unpictured). Still hungry, I’m currently eating Kashi Honey Sunshine. Oh, none of those were protein sources? Hmm, oh well.

For the rest of the night I’ll be writing a paper for Intro to Art (same class in which I had the midterm today). I’m hoping that I get some quality sleep too.

Everyone have a relaxing Monday night and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Ciao for now,


P.S. Today when I was on the elliptical, the girl next to me kept on looking at the stats on my machine. Odd! Does this ever happen to you?


17 Responses to “Lemme Show You What I’m Workin With”

  1. Hooray for an easy exam!! Those are always favorable 😉

    Oh my, your lunch!! SOOOOO incredibly holy yum.

    Hell yes for big-ass sweet potatoes!!


  2. I hate when people check out what you are doing in the cardio room!

  3. Samoas!!! Ok the spag squash/micro sit: I stab mine A LOT and pop it in the micro for like 5 minutes – it’s never exploded so try it out! It’s much less of an arm workout that non “preheated” squash!

    Way to go on your exam!!

  4. 4 strongandhealthy

    Hi there, love your blog! Great eats today! I love Mighty Maple!

    I hate when people watch me while I’m working out. Don’t worry, they’re just jealous they can’t workout like you!!


  5. hey girl!! thanks for all the tips!
    i want to major in journalism
    minor in public health
    become and RD and get my masters
    and maybe write for a health magazine, womens health, self, shape, etc..
    but i LOVE travel and leisure, southern living, elle, w, glamour, lucky, instyle, literally.. every magainze.. i’d write for seventeen if i could!!!

    i love how you dont wash your carrots.
    hahahah i rarely do

    & the eliptical thing happened to me today, except i was on the stair master and the chick kept looking PRETENDING to read her magainze i was like YO. get OUTTA HERE!

    🙂 with a nice smile of course….

  6. i totally died when i saw the pb/date sandwich. my absolute fave. besides banana/pb sandwiches, of course.

    also, i saw the samosa ice cream and was very close to purchasing…hm. something to think about! i love the real deal samosa cookies…bomb.

    !! have a great night girl.

  7. 7 Marissa

    I think it’s odd when people look over at my machine too. Not sure what they are looking at!


  8. Mmm, now I want some cereal! Love it and great grocery haul.

    And I love the pb + date sammich, amaaazing.

  9. I’m all about what you’re workin’ with…I mean it might just be Walmart, but it does the trick for me too!

    good luck writing that paper, I’m being such a granny and going to bed right now! 🙂

  10. great finds!! is spaghetti squash hard to make?? i’m always so tempted!!! clever sammie combo (ive seen amy do the PB & date too! i think i may have to try!) love how you grilled it! sounds marvelous! & thank you for those kind words– it truly meant so much. eek sorry about the nosy girl on the other machine– you should have just looked up and waved! ahhahaha 🙂 good luck with the paper! night night! xoxox

  11. Hi! i’m a new reader and i totally love your blog.
    Your lunch combo looks sooo good. I need to try that one of these days!

  12. 12 livelaughlyss

    oh spaghetti squash is incredible, but definitely not a “dorm room” food. 😦 boo. and NOT FAIRRRRR, i’ve been searching everywhere for mighty maple. wahh, i’m so deprived.

  13. umm so i love everything about this post – i use my george forman like every single day, i swear all sandwiches are much better on it! and i ended up having spaghetti squash too! i think im going to need to get that samoa ice cream, i used to pound those girl scout cookies down!

    glad that the exam went well – isnt it weird how it always works out in the end?! have a great night, xoxo!

  14. congrats on the exam!
    your pb and dates sammie is OUT OF CONTROL!!

  15. I hate when people try to look at my stats on the eliptical! I always just turn my head and stare right at them when I see them out of the corner of my eye…that usually fixes the problem 🙂

  16. omg i love spaghetti squash! i just tried it for the first time last weekend and it rocked my socks off!

  17. 17 TokiLoveVal

    I think there should be a “gym etiquette” book. And being nosy is one of my pet peeves. Why are they so interested in my progress? they should worry about their own darn self!! hump.

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