Midterm Monday


Hello there lovelies! Everyone ready for just another manic monday? I have a midterm this morning for which I failed to study enough. I’m really anal about studying and normally like to memorize everything. This one’s going to be multiple choice and one essay, so my instincts are telling me it won’t be too challenging. Ha!– we’ll see!

I did manage to get some awesome groceries yesterday. I’ll try to recreate an image of them later this afternoon πŸ™‚ I spent too much, as usual. Allow me to get on to yesterday’s colorful food! (Lunch is unpictured because it was the same wrap I’ve been eating: flat-out, spinach, hummus, pickles; andΒ a drip-down-your-arm juicy pear).

My roomie Morgan, with whom I’ve been living for since our freshman year, has turned into something both fantastic and dangerous: a damn good baker. Some of the things she’s made that I couldn’t resist: pumpkin bread, pound cake, oatmeal cookies, eggless brownies…a lotta yum. This weekend she made molasses cookies with vanilla icing.

sweetly molasses-flavored, cool vanilla icing, cake-like texture

sweetly molasses-flavored, cool vanilla icing, cake-like texture

Multiply that picture times three. Those beauts are hard to resist! I had those mid-afternoon, before grocery shopping and the fine food store known as Wal-Mart. When I’m home in Cincinnati, one of the first things I love to do is go to Whole Foods to peruse, because while Wal-Mart works for my college budget, it ain’t the same.

After an afternoon and evening with MisterMan (he so kindly took me to Wal-Mart), I returned home to make some dinner. I decided to focus on my veggie intake:

Pretty close up

Pretty close up

In the mix: romaine, cherry toms, corn, edamame, my sad attempt at carrot ribbons, pepper, crushed red pepper. These pics were taken pre-dressing, which was Newman’s Own Balsamic.

I sometimes forget how much I love salads

I sometimes forget how much I love salads

And I just couldn’t help myself with this next dinner component:

one sweet potato, probably 1/3 C ketchup- that's disgusting isn't it?

one sweet potato, probably 1/3 C ketchup- that's disgusting isn't it?

I make sweet potatoes constantly, which is in large part thanks to the blog world. They are also fast- I just cut them, spray them with some generic Spam, and pop em in for a total of 22-25 minutes (depending on my patience) and them devour.

sweet potato flower, angle two

sweet potato flower, angle two

Is it a bit redundant when I post two pics of the same thing? I just like the different angles, but if it’s a drag, just lemme know! After dinner I folded laundry while listening to John Mayer’s Continuum. This album is bluesy and moody– excellent when you skip over the major singles. I then left for Tempo Tantrums practice 9-10ish p.m. I kinda forgot we have a gig this Thursday! It should beΒ a blast ( I love performances!)

I came home and promptly made some Yogi stomach ease tea to accompany a serving or so ok Kashi Honey Sunrise.

tea, Kashi's version of Cap'n Crunch

tea, Kashi's version of Cap'n Crunch

Those Honey Sunshine pillows remind me a lot of the Cap’n Crunch golden barrels (shapewise and texture-wise, not flavorwise). Cap’n Crunch is my favorite junky cereal. I loved it so much in high school that I even wrote a short piece of fiction solely about Cap’n. Foodie before I even realized it! Oh, but I love this Kashi’s version too!

I stayed up till 2:30ish trying to study, but really thinking about blogging. I could not focus for the life of me! Here’s today’s agenda:
10-12 IART Midterm- this could be ugly
12-1 Women’s Chorale
1-2 Work out
2-? I surprisingly have no rehearsals tonight! I’ll try to do some homework, take grocery pics, blog some more, maybe make White Bean Aoili from V’Con, maybe mess with some spaghetti squash- it’s a little up in the air right now.

I hope everyone has a fabulous start to their weeks! Thank you thank you thank you to all readers and commenters! You make my day! I’ll be back later πŸ™‚

Ciao for now,



17 Responses to “Midterm Monday”


    Good luck with your midterm!!

  2. Sweet potato fries are my new obsession too!! So easy, so delish!

    haha I love your comparison of Kashi Honey Sunshine to Cap’n Crunch, I never thought of that, but you’re so right!

    Good luck today!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Yes for sweet potato love! Good luck on your midterm.

  4. All your food looks so good! The perfect combo, Salty and sweet! Have a wonderful Monday, and good luck with your midterm!

  5. SWEET POTATO!!!! Capn’ crunch was the shizz girl!!

    I’m slightly anal about studying too – it’s okay though, that just means we’re *hopefully* smart!

  6. The sweet potato plate is arranged beautifully!

  7. Yum, roommates are the best! I miss mine 😦

  8. Good Luck on your Midterm!

    I’m loving the sweet potato flower, it’s so pretty! I wish I could have sweetp’s but I’m trying to cut back, my skin is glowing!

    I used to ADORE Cap’n Crunch!!! I’ll have to try that Honey cereal, it sounds really good.

  9. 9 cleanveggiex3

    holy smokes – we have the same name!!!
    spelled exactly the same too! neat.

    delicious looking sweet potatoes!

  10. 10 gina (fitnessista)

    hope the midterm went well!
    and those sweet potatoes are GORGEOUS!!
    have a great day ❀

  11. hope your midtern went well, i really am in the mood for a sweet potato now! i could eat them all day / every day πŸ™‚

  12. hahaha wow, we eat the SAME exact things, i love it! the sweet potato flower is just lovely from all angles =) and i too love honey sunshine kashi! and if THAT wasn’t enough, im definitely having spaghetti squash tonight too – we could really have a feast together (not to mention that i am the same way about trying to memorize every little thing – i am sure youll be JUST FINE and youll do great! its surprising how much you know even without being able to spit things back verbatim!)

    hope youre having a great day! xoxo

  13. hey KAILEY!
    really, really really like your blog
    main reason being: i DESPERATELY want to write for a magazine, any magazine, namely all of those that you listed on your “about me”

    i’m going to college next year (Elon University in NC)
    and want to know any tips on what to major in or what to get involved in or anythinggg that i would need to do to survive in that sort of business!!

    your sweet potater flowah with abundance of ketchup looks right up my alley. i put ketchup on my ketchup.

    love !!

    (i already added you to my blogroll) heheh

  14. i’m having a sweet tater tonight too! i eat them all the time–seriously cannot get enough!! πŸ™‚ how nice of misterman to take u to walmart πŸ™‚ are those cookies look bangin! πŸ™‚ have a great night

  15. love the sweet potato flower!

  16. Do you keep the skin on the sweet potato? For some reason, Mumsy taught me to peel sweet potatoes (like a carrot)…but the flesh is aight?

    • 17 snackface

      Ally- Yes, I do keep the skin on! It has tons of fiber and vitamins, plus, I’m too lazy to peel it off. As long as you wash it well enough, it’s safe to eat. It’s def aight!

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