Breakfast Two Ways


When asked what I’d want my last meal to be, I always respond: breakfast buffet. I’d want it all: coffee, pancakes, french toast, waffles, crepes, cinnamon rolls, omelettes, fruit, oatmeal, cereals…everything. I suppose I could do without the bacon, ham, sausage whatnot. I absolutely adore breakfast foods, round the clock.

Naturally a breakfast-lover, going out for a brunch with friends has to be the best way to start a day. When in Muncie, MisterMan and I went out with his friends for brunch at Eva’s Pancake House & Restaurant, a restaurant to which I’d never been or even heard of. The building looked like any other unassuming restaurant, with the exception of the puffy-painted windows that advertised the restaurant.

We were greeted warmly and seated immediately. I needed black coffee in my hands ASAP.

Essential black coffee after a night of wine

Essential black coffee after a night of wine

The waitress was extraordinarily kind, especially considering we walked into the restaurant a half hour before its closing time. The menu is a bit daunting at first. They have everything in my aforementioned list of dream breakfast buffet, so a decision was tough. I settled for something clean and healthy to balance out last night’s damage.

Veggie omelette (egg whites only), fruit, two buttermilk pancakes

Veggie omelette (egg whites only), fruit, two buttermilk pancakes

This picture doesn’t do that omelette any justice. It was the size of a lung. Filled with tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms and onions, this omelette was killer. It had a fluffy consistency that can only be attained by tons of whisking and maybe some baking powder (I’m not sure, I can’t make omelettes). The flavor of the green pepper wasn’t overwhelming, which is an issue I often have with veggie omelettes. It was simple and clean, just what I wanted.

The fruit was standard and ripe…and then there were those buttermilk pancakes! I had no intentions of consuming much of the pancakes, but after one bite I couldn’t resist. They were thin, light and dusted with powdered sugar. The flavor was sweet with under currents of vanilla extract. I tried a bite with maple syrup too, but the syrup hid the flavor of the pancake and was a bit tinny tasting. I walked out a happy girl with a full tummy of 3/4 the omelette, all the fruit and 1/2 the pancakes. I’d definitely return πŸ™‚

Though I love having big breakfasts like that, there is something so comforting about making breakfast in my own home. It’s 50*F here and I just couldn’t do oats- my room was toasty. I needed to mix it up! I used my last two freezer-burned Nutri-Grain waffles, burned to perfection and topped with smashed banana and Dark Chocolate Dreams.

Not the prettiest pic, but they were off the chain

Not the prettiest pic, but they were off the chain

As much as I loved this breakfast, I’m already feeling a lurking hunger building. I ate that only two hours ago! It’s hard to beat oats in the fullness category.

The sun is shining here in Athens, and I have work to do inside 😦 On tap:
-walk to bookstore to find Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri
-get groceries at Wal-Mart
-study for IART midterm, write IART paper
-Tempo Tantrums practice
-love life

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday!

Ciao for now,

*If anyone knows how I can fix that Feb 04 post, I’d really appreciate it! I have no clue what it’s doing there in the right corner.


12 Responses to “Breakfast Two Ways”

  1. Looks good!!

    Sun shining here too πŸ˜‰ Enjoy the day!!

  2. Brunch with friends is definitely the best way to start the day,enjoy your Sunday!

  3. What a fun brunch! I could definitely eat breakfast everyday for every meal, except I’m more of an oats+nut butter+banana gal! πŸ™‚

  4. Oooh what a fabulous restaurant! I LOVE BURNT WAFFLES!!! Extra crispy = extra tasty πŸ™‚

  5. What a great answer! I’ve never even thought of that and all the foods I choose for my last meal are usually breakfast items.

    The waffles look to-die-for! I know what you mean though about not filling enough, sometimes I feel like waffles should be a snack!

  6. 6 cleanveggiex3

    holy smokes!!
    your breakfast sounds amazing. I love veggie omelets!

  7. thanks for the sweet comment! i just read through your blog– we have sooo many of the same tastes! cant wait to read more!! also it’s so funny you call your guy? misterman (thats what my mum calls my dad when they kid around! ahhaha) xoxo

  8. ok and i just read how you want to have a job like on travel channel! my DREAM is to have anthony bourdain’s job!! πŸ™‚

  9. 9 snackface

    Uh oh, Jaime! Either we could be serious competition for each other OR we could combine forces! Two cute girls hosting a travel show? Hollaaa!

  10. uhhh that breakfast looks ridiculously amazing – i can’t believe i used to HATE breakfast food! what was i thinking?! hope you had a great day, it looks like you were going to be quite busy but really productive too!

    oh and thanks for stopping by! i love your blog too =)

  11. 11 Rodrigo

    That pic of the Eva’s mug looks so professionally taken. Do you hire a photog to do your pics? Very talented work πŸ˜› So happy your blog is a success. Big kiss

  12. 12 Jessica

    Those pancakes make ME hungry!! haha!!!

    Would love to see what you get at the grocery store!! post some pics of your fabulous finds!!! ?? πŸ™‚

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