Pop Bottles

Hello Beauties! How is your weekend going? My weekend thus far has been nothing short of fantastic. I’ve been enjoying a few of my favorite things, all of which will be shared in this monster post of pictures and paragraphs.
Friday morning started off beautifully because the glorious sun was shining! The land of pallid grayness wears on a soul after a while. It’s amazing what light can do to rejuvinate your mindset and spirit. In celebration, I had this amazing bowl of oats:
1/2 C oats, 1 C water, cinnamon, banana (1/2 mashed, 1/2 sliced), giant spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams

1/2 C oats, 1 C water, cinnamon, banana (1/2 mashed, 1/2 sliced), giant spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams

Mmmm I love it when the bananas turn into delicate candy yumyums.
See those candied naners?

See those candied naners?

After finishing that delicacy, I packed for the trip with MisterMan to Muncie, Indiana.  It’s imperative to have a decent supply of snack food on hand for four-hour-long road trips. They come in handy for hunger, and more importantly, boredom. In the group: pear, orange, mini Clifs, Iced Oatmeal Raisin Luna, Kashi TLC pumpkin pie, Yogi Stomach Ease tea (uhhh, I just like the flavor??).
I only consumed the pear and the Luna

I only consumed the pear and the Luna

The drive to Muncie was great because a) I got to spend time with MisterMan and b) I got to NAP! Living off a total of eight hours of sleep over the span of 48 hours wore me out I guess. Go figure!  When we arrived at our destination, I met MisterMan’s best friend, Adam, who was prepping for his big night as Don Giovanni. I changed into nighttime attire (LBD, black hose, bangin’ heels) and then we headed to Johnny Carino’s for dinner. At this point I was definitely getting hangry, seeing as that Luna bar and pear didn’t have staying power.
I scarfed hot, fresh bread too fast for a picture. I haven’t had excellent bread in a while, and excellent this was: crusty, garlicky, salty on the outside, warm and doughy on the inside. Johnny Carino’s may be a chain, but I enjoyed everything I ate. The evidence:
Just me, house salad with sundried tomato dressing, Kendal Jackson

Just me, house salad with sundried tomato dressing, Kendal Jackson

Before I had finished the salad, the real deal arrived:
Shrimp-instead-of-chicken primavera

Shrimp-instead-of-chicken primavera

When eaten in one bite, the shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, artichokes and capellini worked beautifully together. The sauce was light: not overly oily, subtly spicy with a garlic background.
The perfect bite

The perfect bite

Clearly, I love pasta. Hi, I’m Kailey and I’m a carb-aholic. And here is an artier photo of our food taken by MisterMan. He’s got mad skillz.
some creamy, spicy shrimp and chicken deliciousness with penne

His: some creamy, spicy shrimp and chicken deliciousness with penne

I had a big-time happy tummy after this meal. I ate the whole salad and about 3/4 of the pasta. After dinner we waddled over to the theatah to see Don Giovanni, a comical yet classic opera. This was the first opera I’d seen, and though I love music and acting, I don’t think they are my cup of tea. But these people can SING. Furreal. These people must dedicate hours and hours to be able to sing like that. Absolutely amazing.
After the show, we headed back to the star’s house for a may-juh celebration. Adam’s (Donny G) house was packed with many family members, friends and cast mates. There were great eats at the house: slow-roasted pork ( yep, I actually had a bite or two of meat- a rarity), pita chips and hummus, crackers and various other dips, veggies. But who am I kidding? Here were the main players:
Ok, we poppin champagne like we won the championship game, look like I got on my championship rang (know that song?)

Ok, we poppin champagne like we won the championship game, look like I got on my championship rang (know that song?)

The Simi was incredible. I’m just getting into wines (I just turned 21 in November), and I haven’t thoroughly loved a red before trying this. Perfectly balanced, full-bodied luxury. How’s that for a review?
I definitely enjoyed myself last night: great people, great food, great wine, great atmosphere. It doesn’t get much better. Oh wait it does. There was some crazy rumor that I ended my night with some Doritos. I can’t fight it: junk is so good sometimes! 🙂 Before I turned to a healthy diet, I used to eat lunches of Little Debbie Nutty Bars, Cooler Ranch Doritos and Country Time pink lemonade. I was livin it up in 7th grade.
Today’s breakfast was so good it deserves its own post, so be pumped for tomorrow: Kailey’s stab at restaurant reviews numba one! I hope you’ve enjoyed this looong summary of my Friday! Today definitely hasn’t been as exciting. I stayed in tonight to get some quality and necessary alone time:)
Have fabulous night/day! And thank you for reading- I love seeing the stats go up and all comments!
Ciao for now,
P.S. I must thank MisterMan for the wonderful Friday and Saturday!
thanks bunches!

thanks bunches!

PPS: Does anyone know how I can fix that Feb 04 Post? I have no idea why it’s showing in the top right corner instead of in the body of the page? Anyone?

8 Responses to “Pop Bottles”

  1. Love how there’s practically a glowing aura around your oats, haha!! Heavenly!! 😀

    Fabulous night you had!!

    Happy Sunday!!

  2. P.S. – I’m still excited that you’re a fellow Ohioan, haha.

  3. I love the sunshine in the oatmeal shot, so pretty!

    What a fun night, you are absolutely glowing! =)

    I can’t wait for the breakfast post, enjoy your Sunday!

  4. i just stumbled on your blog and im so glad that i did! i, too, am a journalism major (advertising sequence though) so i figured i’d show some love =)

    your dinner date looked fantastic! and i love your oatmeal, it’s basically how i make mine EVERY SINGLE MORNING! haha can’t wait to read more!

  5. Oh my gosh you look so cute!! Johnny Carino’s does have some fabulous bread/oil dip!

    What a fun night! And gurrrl glad yo’ representin the wine! 😉

  6. Hhahaha, what a fabulous time – and a tasty time too. And I think you’re still living it up! LOL!!!

  7. I am a new reader (just found your blog through your cousins blog!), look what I have read so far. There is something about turning 21 that makes you want to drink classy stuff like wine.

  8. your oats are glowing! haha and your food at dinner looks amazing 🙂 you are so perdyyy!

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