I Know I’m Tired When…


I cry over spilled oats. But more on that in few.

I did not pull an all-nighter, but sleeping from 4a.m. to 7:50a.m. is pretty close, right? I still didn’t have my script down when I went to bed. However, thanks to all your well wishes, my scene partner and I did much better than I’d anticipated tonight at rehearsal! Here’s the killer part of our scene: we have to make out THREE times. We have to start practicing that next week. Um, do I really have to?

Allow me to backtrack to the start of my day! I had to get up early in order to turn in my movie review by 9a.m. This pre-breakfast brightened my sleep-deprived spirit:

naner with Mighty Maple p.b.--sorry for the blur

naner with Mighty Maple p.b.--sorry for the blur

Then I trekked across the campus in freeze-your-snot degree weather. I heated up with a work out:
45 minutes elliptical (35 minutes at level 5, level 8 intervals; 10 minutes at 4- so I could read my script!)
Abs-tacular work (I don’t know the names for any of these, other than the 100 crunches)
40 girly push-ups
20 crab-walk push ups? No idea what to call them.

I chatted with MamaJ as I walked back to my home. Things went as planned: put dishes away, made coffee for the roomie and me, showered, dressed…and then… I really wanted to try the heart-healthy 3/4cup serving of oatmeal, like Jenna and Heather have been eating. I eat at noon and then have class 1-5, and wanted to test out the brick-a-bility of the larger portion. When I went to check my upped oatmeal, it had decided to coat the bottom of the microwave. Then irrational, silly, tired tears came to my eyes. This is what eight hours of sleep within two days does to me.

I ended up making super simple oats after cleaning the goop out of the micro.

1/2 C oats, 1/2 C light silk, 1/2 C water, cinnamon, 365 salted p.b.

1/2 C oats, 1/2 C light silk, 1/2 C water, cinnamon, 365 salted p.b.

And coffee and vitamins– essential for the girl who never sleeps:coffvits

Classes were great, as usual. Women and writing was fascinating because we were discussing immigration laws and the wonderful novel, Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia. I highly recommend this novel if you love to intimately know characters, and if you love beatiful language. Here’s a small passage that exemplifies the author’s style:

Pilar’s eyes, Celia fears, are no longer used to the compacted light of the tropics, where a morning hour can fill a month of days in the north, which receives only careless sheddings from the sun. She imagines her granddaughter pale, gliding through paleness, malnourished and cold without the food of scarlets and greens.

After classes I hopped over to Bagel Street Deli for dinner. I’ve only eaten salads there before, but I was really craving a bagel, so I went with it. Before tonight I hadn’t had a bagel since summer. Way too long!

6 grain bagel, smoked tofu, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, honey mustard

Smoked Tofu: 6 grain bagel, smoked tofu, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, honey mustard

I cut it in half and ate the first half as a sandwich. The problem with bagel-wiches is that I can’t taste the innards! I took apart this half before consuming:

Look at dat goodness!

Look at dat goodness!

The sandwich, when eaten together, was a little bland. I preferred the 6 grain bagel by itself, when the honey-sweetness could really sing. The tofu was incredible with swiss melted on top, too!

Dinner kept me content through 6-9 p.m. rehearsal. The only other food highlight was a bowl of heated frozen strawberries, plain ff yogurt, chocolate chips and Dark Chocolate Dreams p.b. It smelled like strawberries on angel foodcake with chocolate drizzle.

Marion Cotillard staring at my yogurt concoction

Marion Cotillard staring at my yogurt concoction

Yea, I’m not showing a picture of my roomie’s Cinnamon Pecan Special K  that I just demolished. It’s so bad but so good.

Despite my mini hissy-fit, today was wonderful. This week I completed a fact-checking test for a Cincinnati Magazine internship. Today I heard from the woman with whom I’ve been in contact, and we have set up an interview for the 27th! I’m thrilled about this!

Tomorrow should be great as well. On deck:
11 a.m.: meet with advisor to talk about internships and spring quarter
12-1 p.m.: Women’s chorale
1-?: Head to Muncie, Indiana with my man. We are going to see his friend star in a production in Don Giovanni. Not sure if I’ve mentioned Rodrigo before, but he’s seriously the sweetest guy ever (hey mister man!). I’ll go into further detail at a later date. Here’s a pic of us (at a bar :))

That straw is no indicator of our location, haha!

That straw is no indicator of our location, haha!

I may not get a chance to blog tomorrow, but I’ll be back full-force on Saturday! I love all the commenters! Thank you to all for checkin’ out my blog!

Ciao for now,



9 Responses to “I Know I’m Tired When…”

  1. 1 Mr. Man

    I dunno if it was accidental or on purpose, but for some reason I love that pic of your coffee and those vitamins. You gotta love sunlight like that… I’m a photo geek though, you know that. And I’m only trying to catch up with your sweetness 😀 Only a few more hours until this great weekend! Big kiss bella

  2. Aww, I’m sorry about the oats. Did you soak them overnight beforehand? That really helps.

    I have the same problem with bagel-wiches. You can only taste the bagel!!! But sometimes thats a good thing 😉

    • 3 snackface

      I didn’t soak them! That must have been it- thanks Shelby! 🙂

  3. Too bad about the oats 😦 Hang in there!!

    So I just read in one of your previous posts that you’re a journalism major AND are in Ohio – ME TOO!! 😀

    • 5 snackface

      Whattt! You’re in Ohio too? For some bizarre reason I thought you were in New York or something. I think it’s because one of the first posts of yours I read was about your trip to NYC. Apparently I missed the bit about it being just a trip, lol!

  4. have fun this weekend! UGH i went through all of college w/o ever pulling an all nighter- i can NOT hang with the no sleep :D!!

  5. hiya girlie, i really love your blog 🙂 its too cute!! i love the name.
    that bagel looks amazing…ive been craving one for so long now and that pic looks heavenly.
    have a great friday 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear about the oats BUT the rest of you eats?! 100% yumola!!

    You and your boy are cay-ute! Hope you got some rest 🙂

  7. bagel looks so good!

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