What up! I’m still up thanks to my review and criticism class, where we just watched Waiting for Guffman. Has anyone seen that? It’s mockumentary style- exactly like Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. As a theater person, I felt as though I could relate to the sense of seriousness with which actors of all sorts treat their craft. 
    For the class we had to watch the movie and then write a review to turn in by 9a.m. Thursday. This wouldn’t be too bad if I didn’t have a capella practice 9-10 right after class. Then I ran into a bit of a writer’s block as I sat down to write the review. But that’s of no matter, it’s finished now!
    This morning I had a breakfast that was delicious, but left me feeling empty approximately 2 hours after consumption:

Nature's Path granola, banana, few squared Kashi Vanilla Yum, silk light, coffee
Nature’s Path granola, banana, few squared Kashi Vanilla Yum, silk light, coffee

Needless to say, I was ravenous when I came home four hours later. I really wanted soup because it was 21*F today, but felt like 8*F. I’ve been loving these Campbell’s Select soups lately! They are cheap, fast and easy (hmm, what else is cheap fast and easy?). However, these “light” ones don’t leave me full for long.

tubetti pasta, carrots, other veg, kidney beans, chickpeas

full of tasty little niblets: tubetti pasta, carrots, other veg, kidney beans, chickpeasI added crushed red pepper, chili powder and peppa to this to kick it up

This wrap kept the soup company. Same as the other day’s- I crave this. Actually, I’ve been eating the pickle chips straight from the jar, which says there are “usually” 10 servings. Ha! Don’t think so.

flat-out, pickles, laughing cow, garlic sabra's, spinach, mustard

flat-out, pickles, laughing cow, garlic sabra's, spinach, mustard

The dessert course consisted of a delicious pear that needed to be eaten and a rice cake with Dark Chocolate Dreams
and Blackberry Simply Fruit. pearcake

The rest of today’s eats were all over the place (over the span from 5:30 p.m.- 12a.m.: sweet potato, boca burger, yogurt with vegan chocolate chips, more granola, TLC chocolate coconut bar, more cereal), but the ones pictured were my favorites today.

I’m doing something dangerous tonight. Ok, not dangerous, but bad for my body, at least. I am supposed to have my script memorized by tomorrow, so I may have to pull an all-nighter. Memorizing the script normally would not be a problem, but other things have come up and I’ve continued to put my script on the back burner (like right now!). The script is between me and one other person, so it’s a ton of back-and-forth, which makes it challenging. I also have a few monologues that I need to get word-for-word. Here’s a peek:

Sorry it's a little blurry. All that pink is me!

Sorry it's a little blurry. All that pink is me!

There are 16 pages in total. I really hope I can memorize all this tonight. If my eyes are closing then I’m not going to fight it for long. But then I also don’t want to disappoint my director or my scene partner 😦 We’ll see how it goes…

And just another thank you to anyone who even glances at my blog! Though I’ve just started, writing this blog and “talking” with all other bloggers makes me so happy and positive!

Time to buckle down!

Ciao for now,



7 Responses to “All-nighter?”

  1. Your breakfast bowl has everything I love in it! Well except bananas…I prefer that juicy pear!

    I hope all goes well with the script and sleep!!!

  2. good luck! im terrible at memorization!

  3. GOOD LUCK!!! Hope you got some sleep!

    Haha you’re like pickles like I am with salsa – there’s supposedly 15 servings in a jar of salsa, yea…try three!

  4. hope the all nighter goes well! i definitely don’t miss that. The whole next day i would feel so out of whack, but i hope you are able to get some rest today!!! love your k mug! love anthropologie 🙂

  5. 5 Ashley

    I just worked out for the fourth time this week! Who guessed your couch potato BFF would be so productive?

    It’s going to be 50 and sunny here Saturday! I know I am going to miss you terribly but will most likely be occupied making sure my 17-year-old cousin doesn’t meet a frat guy or something.

    See you in Vico! Also, how do you make your wraps look so much better than mine?

  6. I just found your blog! Way cute! Your wrap looks awesome! Rest up:)

  7. 7 livelaughlyss

    great blog! i really love it! and your faves = my faves: sweet potatoes, SABRAS, flat outs, PICKLES, laughing cow swiss… so great. 🙂

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