Hello all!


    Hello everyone!  Welcome to my brand-spankin’ new baby, SnackFace.  After having read wonderful food and lifestyle blogs for nearly a year, I couldn’t take not having one any longer! I’m been a lurker who has de-lurked in the largest of ways, and I hope that’s acceptable.

     Anyway, this blog is going to be about my daily life at Ohio University— food, fun, fashion, frustration–all of it!  I dedicate many hours to doing whatever it takes to succeed in my classes.  (Serious, no?) I have may-juh goals of writing/editing for Food & Wine or Travel & Leisure-type magazine, and then eventually hosting my own show on the Travel Channel (I’ve received many looks of doubt when sharing that, but whatevskies- a girl can dream).  When I’m not studying, I’m probably singing in one of the two choirs of which I am currently a member (women’s chorale and TempoTantrums-holla!). This month I will also be in a play titled Autobahn by Neil Labune, which is being put on by a student-run group called Lost Flamingo Company.  For the past few quarters I have been working at The Post, OU’s student-run paper, but I’ve taken a short hiatus to pursue the stage.  Then there are the weekends…

     You will all get a better sense of who I am and what I do with each post (or so I hope!).  I will share stories from the present and past as well as my hopes for the future.  And as for the food, well, it is something I get excited about.  I love to talk to anyone about healthy foods, snacks, products and recipes. 

     The name of my blog is a snippet of a phrase my mom says, whom I’ll frequently refer to as Mama J.  One night during break mumsy and I were watching t.v. and she said, “I have my SnackFace on.” I think about that every night when I return to my cozy abode in Athens after a long day of classes and practices. I open the cupboard and fridge thinking, “I’ve got my SnackFace on.”  Most times it’s true- I get ravenous furreal late at night!

     I hope you all enjoy watching/reading my sometimes hectic (but always worth it!) college life unfold through my writing, sharing and getting my SnackFace on!

     Big love,


Me in the purp, Ashley- my darling babygirl- on the right!

Me in the purp, Ashley- my darling babygirl- on the right!


6 Responses to “Hello all!”

  1. you are gorgeous and too cute!

    thank you for reading my blog. im going to add you to my reader.

    i miss college life sooo much. what a good time. 🙂 cant wait to read about your adventures!

    • 2 snackface

      Aww thanks! I’m so excited to have a very first comment! Thank you so much!

  2. hey girl!
    love the blog name–snackface 😀 so cute! my mom inspired my blog’s name too! so ironic. that’s awesome!
    im so happy you like my blog! thanks for reading + sharing yours. im excited to start reading your adventures at OU. You are so pretty, girl ❤

  3. your blog looks like its gonna be a good one 🙂 im excited to read more!

  4. 5 Rodrigo

    You rock my world 😀 Big kiss bella

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I’m excited to read yours!

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