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Moving On Up


Hi, guys and dolls!

Friends, I’m really sorry but…

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Hi loves! I am a bit worn out at the moment, so this may be short and spicy. Also, MamaJ is in the other room watching So You Think You Can Dance and I really want to watch!

Yes, I’m a television and dance ho. I embrace it.

This morning, after waking up crying (do you ever have dreams that lead you there? It’s the most bizarre thing), made some coffee and broke into a blogger obsession: millet bread.

A milli, a milli, a milli, a millionaire, I’m a young money millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair my criteria compared to your career, this isn’t fair:

Piece of milli with Earth Balance; cherry toms; egg-white omelet with Laughing Cow and ketchup.

Ketchup, I'll never get over you.

Here’s the DL on millet (not about the nutritionals, though– I don’t care to post about that): the pieces are teeny, but they are dense and taste like cornbread. If I can get away with fruit-sweetened health bread that tastes like cornbread, then Imma do it. I found it for $4.99, which is the cheapest I’ve seen in months. Yes, I’ve kept my eye on it.

I let breakfast digest and settle before heading to the gym. Did ma thang on the elliptical (about 6.5 miles) and then worked on arms for 20 minutes. The soreness is already creeping into my shoulders and triceps. Money. Oh! I also did 50 squats– hold for 10 seconds at the end of each set of ten– for bootay maintenance.

After that, I rolled home, showered, dressed and made lunch. I needed more millet:

Millet with Earth Balance, ball salad and agua.

And by ball salad, I mean a Trader Joe’s meatless meatball-topped insalata. I cannot help my one and only faux-meat loving:

Romaine, balls, pickles and Annie's Goddess dressing. Yum in my mouth. Whoah, dirtier than I intended.

Here’s a better idea of the milli size:

That is my camera case. My camera is not large at all.

Of course my camera case is pink.

Anyway, lunch was tremendous. As was my afternoon snack of an apple and another piece of millet. Sometimes I’m annoyed when I like already-popular foods so much. It’s not even trendy anymore, it’s passé. Although, do food trends have a longer shelf life than fashion trends? (I’m so punny! Ha!)

The late afternoon hours were spent lounging on my bed and texting people and taking photographs of myself (not that kind):

Some days are super casual.

Where Brooklyn at? Uh, New York?

Almost forgot I had these shoes! This is why I don't throw clothes and shoes away.

You know the episode of Sex and the City in which Aiden tries to have Carrie edit her wardrobe, but she refuses, knowing that someday she’ll wear all the items in there (was that shredded top Gucci, Cavalli? I can’t remember)? That is me. The skirt you saw yesterday? Hadn’t been worn in years. These shoes? The exact same deal. This is why I’m still unpacking from school.

The rest of Wednesday was spent with Nannykins and MamaJ. We shopped and then dined out. I had soup and salad, AKA not that fascinating, so here is last night’s incredible dinner:

Salad, frittata and bread.

Potato-filled frittata = delish.

While the ladies enjoyed eggs, the men folk enjoyed some red meat.

MattyRich would like to introduce you to his innovation, broschetta:

Let me explain...

Instead of a classic bruschetta, which is crostini topped with a tomato-basil compote, my Brotorious B.I.G. created broschetta: bread topped with yellow rice topped with carne asada. In case you needed a new recipe…

And on that meaty note, I think I need to sign off and grab a slice of milli for a late-night snack.

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: Which expensive food trend have you given into? Was/is it worth it? AND Do you hoard all your clothes for years and years or do you let them go?

Summer Faves


Hi, sweet petunias! And dudes. I’m sure guys don’t enjoy being called sweet petunias. Moving on.

This fine Tuesday brought to me my summer faves. First off, I rolled out of bed after getting 10 hours of sleep. How can that not be a favorite? Then, I trotted downstairs to my all-time favorite food:

Cereal! Surrial. Potato/patato. Kashi Honey Sunshine with banana and almond milk.

I chilled, caught up on blogs, sipped a cup of black coffee and eventually got ready for the gym. My limit with coffee is sad right now. One cup? I’m ashamed.

The gym was faaaab. Mostly thanks to the happiest day of the month: Magazine Day! You know, that one magical day when two of your favorite magazines arrive:

Glamour and VegNews!

Please take a moment to appreciate the 10th Anniversary Issue of VegNews and its superb cover:

Pink and orange and gorgeous all over, thanks to veg artist Peter Max.

August Glamour kept me company on the elliptical for an hour-ish. When it’s love, there ain’t no stoppin’.

I followed that up with about a half-hour of abs. My six-pack is under there somewhere.

Reading Glamour ignited the fashionista within, and allowed me to foray into another favorite:

Playing with my tired wardrobe.

I mixed my favorite Forever21 button-down with a Bisou-Bisou skirt that I’ve had since 10th grade, and tied it all together with one of MattyRich’s old belts and my Target sandals. This is me trying to be fierce:

But Peanut had plans of her own.

Fashion with a dog peeing in the background— you can only find it here!

Mixing patterns is something semi-new to me, but with subtle, soft patterns, I think it’s doable:


And if the look is a total flop, there are always shades to hide behind:

You can't see past my shades, past my shades, past my shades.

Oh, HAYYY, freckles and moles.

Another bossy aspect of summer and free days is being able to take late-afternoon trips to Target. And who’s not a fan of Target, ya know? I needed a bathing suit that will stay put for my upcoming weekend adventures. (Patience, little sistah, on the details.) Of course they had something perfect in store!

Although, Target, could you please get some more flattering lighting in your dressing rooms? I like to pretend cellulite doesn’t exist. K? Great, thanks.

Some light shopping needed some light fuel, as my lunch had already worn off:

Bagel thin with cream cheese, apple and bell pepper.

The Clif folks came to my hunger’s rescue, as they normally do. They’re so good at it:

Clif Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel delicacy.

Dinner was, you guessed it, another of my favorites. A salad of monster proportions:

Wait for the money shot. You have no idea how big this is yet. (That is SO what she said. Or he said.)

Perhaps this Boca-feta-cucumber-pickle-topped salad could have served four. Not for this SnackFace.

Technically, I ate this for dinner Monday night. I felt it Tuesday morning. (YesI’mgross.)

Oh, my friends, can you tell that I finally have my blogging desire back? The zest and spice have returned! I didn’t want to say anything earlier, but I was lacking motivation. I can’t tell you how very thankful I am that my number one favorite thing, my love of blogging and communicating with thousands each day, has returned. Thank YOU for sticking with me!

Ciao for now,


QUESTIONS: What are your favorite things about summer? Favorite foods of summer? AND What’s your summer-wardrobe staple?